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dar es salaam yacht clubOne cool thing about having a real-life blogger buddy is that you get to geek out together and do lame things like go places with the sole intention of taking photographs. Last week Cho and I went to the yacht club for just that. But the thing about the yacht club is, like many places, you can never plan to go take pictures there. Why? Because when you do the lighting isn’t all that great; or there’s not really anything interesting going on. The best days to take pictures usually happen when you don’t bother bringing your camera (although some days you luck out and brought it “just-in-case,” like the photos I’ll share tomorrow). Cho and I are by no means professional photographers, which is probably why we can’t just make anything look cool. But we have fun taking pictures, and are on pretty much the exact-same level of experimentation.

Do you see that factory behind the boat with the smoke coming out of it? Supposedly it was the inspiration for Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl was stationed in Dar es Salaam, where he commanded a group of local soldiers to fight against the Germans in World War II (The Germans had also occupied many parts of East Africa). Kinda random. 

dar es salaam yacht club

Cho busted out some reflectors she hadn’t really used before. She’s using a silver one in the pic below and a gold one in the pic below that. (If you can’t already tell by the huge reflections in my sunglasses… haha. I couldn’t figure out how to edit that out.) They kind of make the pictures look like I was photoshopped into them. The one we took without the reflectors in the same spot was just a massive shadow. Still, we should probably google some reflector tutorial before we try this again.
Anyway, tomorrow I’ll have some better pictures of this place with a cute, splashing baby rather than me awkwardly posing (which is why I can never do cute little fashion posts… also, I don’t know anything about fashion).

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