Today’s portrait-of-the-week was taken from a safari truck in Mikumi National Park. Yes, those are wild giraffes! People from anywhere in Africa might be like, yeah, whatever… but words cannot express how stoked we were to see them! This has probably been the best week for us since we’ve been in Tanzania. We spent my 26th birthday hiking Udzungwa Mountains National Park. The next day we went on our first official safari. A few days after returning to Dar, the surf finally came up!

The good days I’ve been waiting for seemed to have arrived, and not a moment too soon.

My favorite portrait from other participants was actually not taken at a beach this week (for only like the second time ever)! But it does involve rainbows, so you can still accuse me of choosing Hawaiian-style photos. It’s of Mary Catherine’s son, and can be found here.

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