I probably could have picked a better quality photo for this week’s portrait, but I just love this picture so much that I couldn’t help it. Evita is just looking so proper and standing at the perfect place on our doormat. I didn’t put her there myself, and it was one of those moments that happened so quickly that the picture came out a little noisy and out-of-focus. I think throwing a filter on it helped a little, though. Anyway, this week was fun. I met a couple of girls that I had lunch with last Tuesday, and it was fun to socialize for a bit. It’s still raining a lot so we haven’t had much beach action. Nothing too exciting happened, but I’m looking forward to the weekend. My favorite portrait from last week’s link-up was of little Louis catching a wave. I can’t wait til Eva is surfing too.

Oh wait, one cool thing that happened this week is that Eva’s picture popped up on my Instagram feed under Strange Famous Records (Sage Francis’ record label). It’s an old picture I tagged of them a few months ago. I was so excited! Evita is strange famous, haha.

PS- Top Baby Blogs had it’s quarterly reset, so I would love a new vote from you. Last quarter I made it as high as #3 and finished in #5, so thank all of you who take the time to vote everyday. You can click the link below (which is also on my sidebar).

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