This week flew by. Evita is turning into quite the little human. She now points at me and says, “Shhhh” if I tell her off… (Oh Lord.) She’s also been saying “two” after we say “one,” and pointing at things saying, “dat” (that) when she wants them. Yesterday she finally said “agua” a few times or the first time. She’s been better about wearing shoes, which I’m glad about because the adorable ones we bought her a while back won’t be going to waste. She’s even letting me put bows and headbands on her again (sometimes). This has been a pretty quiet week (activity-wise) and I’m actually okay with that. My favorite portraits from last week can be found on All in a Daze (a sweet little boy enjoying bath time) and The Stork and the Beanstalk (a rad ship back piece and the painting that inspired it). You can find the weekly portrait linkup on Che and Fidel.

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