Summer Booty Workout

I got a couple of suggestions to talk about how I stay fit with a toddler (no, chasing her around surprisingly isn’t enough, haha) but I thought I’d save that for next week when I’m (hopefully) not as busy. For now, I’ll share the booty workout I did yesterday, which left me nice and sore. This workout is for anyone who wants a nice, round booty… and has access to a gym (or at least basic workout equipment). Remember to keep your glutes engaged throughout all these exercises. I wrote this pretty quickly, so let me know if you have any questions.

1. Deadlifts 4 sets- 2 heavy/low rep (8-10), 2 light/high rep (15-20)

2. Squats 4 sets – 2 heavy/low rep (8-10), 2 light/high rep (15-20) ASS TO GRASS!

3. 3 SUPERSETS (alternating legs): Split Squat (10 reps), Donkey Kicks (30 reps)

*Let me clarify… This is what one complete superset will look like: one set of stationary lunges with your left leg forward, followed by one set of donkey kicks with your left leg in the air, followed by one set of lunges with your right foot forward, ending with one set of donkey kicks with your right leg in the air.

Split Squat:
Donkey Kicks:

4. 4 SUPERSETS: swiss ball hamstring curl (15 reps), Frog Legs (30 reps)

Hamstring Curls:

*If you don’t have an exercise ball, you can substitute this exercise with a stiff-legged deadlift.
Frog Legs:

5. 20-40 minutes- Incline Cardio
Basically, I want you to go at least 2 miles at an incline. If you’re running, don’t let the incline drop below 5% (higher is okay, though). If you’re walking, don’t let the incline drop below 10%.


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