words from my 6-year-old self

Day 18, Saturday: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.
Instead of sharing a childhood memory today, I thought I’d let my 5 to 7 year-old self speak for herself. Yup, I’ve pretty much been a personal journalist since I first learned to write. Here are a few of my favorite pages from my first diary.
Date: March 8, 1993 (Age 5), Translation: Today Ale and Liliana hurt my feelings. Ale said I am ugly.
Interpretation: I actually remember this day quite well. I was so sad. Seems silly now, but it’s interesting to think that 5-year-olds care about that kind of stuff. Also, do you see how the entry is crossed out and re-written? Well, my older self decided to go back through my diary and edit it because I was embarrassed by my poor grammar and spelling. This cracks me up.
Date: October 7, 1993 (Age 6), Translation: “It is my Daddy’s Birthday on October 8, but they are going to celebrate on Sunday, October 10.” 
Date: February 7, 1994 (Age 6), Translation: I went to West Virginia and it was fun. I got to build a snowman. It snowed a lot!!!
Interpretation: This was a really fun trip for me. All my cousins went to visit my grandmother’s brother in West Virginia. One day we got home from an outing and he had a dear hanging from a tree so that he could gut and clean it. My Daddy told me it was Bambi. Haaahhh 
Date: February 9, 1994 (it says 93 but if you look at the pages around it I obviously made a mistake) (Age 6), Translation: Thomas put hearts on his Journal. I hate boys. Cuz they are mean. And silly.
 Interpretation: This is one of my absolute favorite journal entries. Thomas was my best friend when I was a little girl. I didn’t have a crush on him or anything like that. (He is actually my second (or third?) cousin and I remember exactly who I had a crush on that year.) Thomas and I had our little fights like any friends do, and I think that was one of those days. I thought only girls should be drawing hearts, not boys.
Date: March 16, 1994 (Age 6), Translation: Today i got a sticker at school. 
Interpretation: Apparently this was worth journaling about.
Date: July 4, 1994 (Age 7), Translation: Yesterday I went to see Ann Richards. She is the governor of Texas. And I saw the judge. And I saw Thomas’ mother.
Interpretation: My stepfather was one of the campaign managers for Ann Richards and we went to one of her fundraisers. 
Date: September 15, 1994 (Age 7), Translation: I’m in second grade now. It is easy. My teacher is Mrs. Nelson. I like her. I like school.
Date: Unknown (Age 7), Translation: Once I threw up on my favorite carpet and they had to throw it away. I will always remember it. Sniff Sniff.
 Interpretation: I remember this day like it was yesterday. I spent all day at the beach. I think the hamburger I ate for lunch gave me food poisoning, because I threw up all night that night. I remember my mom scrubbing my puke off the floors. The rug I was talking about was a really old vintage shag-style one. There was no saving it. It had a picture of a dog on it, which is why I drew that. 
Date: November 2, 1994 (Age 7), Translation: “On November 2, 1994 my mom had a baby. They named it Dann Diego Rivera. Do you know how to spell Rivera? It is easy: River with an “a” at the end. Rivera”
Date: November 21, 1994 (Age 7), Translation: “I went to Anna McKenzie’s party and they had a moonwalk. It was fun! And also I celebrated Thanksgiving today because I’m going with my dad on Wednesday. On Thanksgiving day I’m going to San Antonio to see the Christmas parade.”  
Date: November 22, 1994 (Age 7), Translation: “Today my mom was breastfeeding in a doctor’s building and a little girl and her mom saw her underwear. I didn’t tell her so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed because I love her a lot. She is the best person in my life.”
 Interpretation: I remember this day vividly as well. My mom was breastfeeding my little brother when they called his name. When she stood up, her skirt got caught in her purse or something and you could see her underwear/butt, haha. I guess didn’t want to tell my mom because I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed. šŸ™‚
Date: December 25, 1994 (Age 7), Translation: “This Christmas is the best! I got everything I wanted! My mom said I wanted the most expensive stuff this year. I got a Super Nintendo, a new diary, a bird house, rollerblades, clothes, a cross, bracelets, earrings, games, a walkman, a jewelry box, makeup, a doll, a barbie, barbie clothes, necklaces, a video,  a CD, a CD-Rom, 3-D Color Blaster, coloring books, a calendar, bows, a dress, a book, pencils, stickers, erasers, a Bible, and more.”
Interpretation: This was my last entry in this diary. Probably because I got a new diary for Christmas, as the entry mentions. Also… a CD-Rom? a Walkman?? What are those? Hahahaha

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