A portrait of Evita doing what she loves best- splashing about in the ocean. 🙂
As soon as we get to the beach, she says “agua, agua,” and doesn’t stop saying it the entire time we’re there. It’s crazy to think of what an independent little girl she’s turning into. Lately she’s been pointing to her diaper when it’s time for a diaper change. I think it’ll be time to start the potty-training process when I get back from the States. She’s also becoming quite the fabulous tooth brusher. She has come a long way from the days when she’d scream at the mere sight of a toothbrush. Now I say, “Evita, it’s time to brush your teeth,” and she smiles and points to her teeth while following me to the bathroom.
I love this little munchkin.
Next week is our 5.5-hour flight to Dubai (cake) and our 16-hour flight to the States (holy shit). Wish us luck.
I had a lot of favorite portraits from last week. One of them was of Chloe exploring in the sand. I’ve been watching this little girl grow up since she was a wee baby. She’s become the cutest little toddler with curls to die for. Another was of this little girl with a pensive look on her face, which was painted for World Ocean Day. I loved the photo of this little boy enjoying the surf in some beautiful scenery. I also thought this little boy all bundled up for winter was too adorable not to mention. You can find the collection of all the portraits here.
See you next week, from Texas… eeek!

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