Around South Padre Island: Birding Center

The S.P.I. Birding Center wasn’t built until after I moved away from the island in 2005. Before that, I remember walking up and down the boardwalks at the Convention Center, watching birds and hoping to spot Allie the Alligator. A lot has changed, since then. There is a beautiful building dedicated to birdwatching and perserving bird habitats of the island. You have to pay admission now, but it’s only 5 bucks. Totally worth it.
Allie the alligator is still there. We used to think she was the only alligator in the area, but she happened to be guarding a nest when I saw her today… so I guess there is a papa alligator nearby? 
I was able to snap a few pictures, but I think I made a few mistakes and I’ll have to go back. One mistake is that I went too late in the morning. It was already in the 90’s and I think a lot of the birds were hiding. Another is that I didn’t bring Eva’s stroller. It’s too difficult to take decent pictures AND look after a hyperactive toddler.
Eva was stoked to see the birds though. She loved running up and down the boardwalk, pointing at them and scaring them away. 


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