Eva’s Second First Birthday Party

Although Eva already had a first birthday party back in Tanzania, my step-mom decided to throw a small one here so that family could spoil celebrate with her. It took place last Saturday at my Dad’s house. Eva loved it, and she seemed to have had way more fun than the last party. She spent about four hours in the pool, only getting out to eat cake and open her presents. My dad and I rotated being in the pool with her, and we were sick of it long before she was. Eva loved all the attention she was getting. She wanted us to sing “Happy Birthday” over and over again, and even still she walks around saying, “happy” and clapping her hands until I sing it. 
Eva and my Dad
Eva and my cousins Ashley and Brittany. 
Eva and her cousin Isla.
Left: Eva and her uncle, Mike; Right: Eva’s Grammy and cousin
Eva’s aunt Sheala and her daughter.
My stepmom helping Eva open gifts.
Back in the pool for another hour or so after opening presents. 

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