Two Years

I really wanted to blog yesterday but I was having way too much fun. BOTH my best friends were here at the same time. One is still here, but the other was only visiting for Independence Day. She is normally a sous chef at a fancy restaurant in Manhattan. The one that is still here is a teacher in San Antonio. I’m so proud of my besties. The fact that I rarely get to see either one of them sucks, but it makes being able to hang out with both of them together that much more amazing.
Yesterday was also a special day for this blog of mine. It marked two years since I found out I was pregnant, and two years since I started this blog. I really wanted to take the time to reflect on this like I did last year, but I seriously have way too much going on around me right now to concentrate. My mom, little brother, cousin, and baby are all talking across the house (and to me), the television is on, and I can’t even hear myself think. It’s a bit frustrating, but I feel like I should be enjoying it at the same time.
So instead I’ll just share a few quick iphone pictures of my day yesterday and go enjoy my Friday.

We started our day at the beach…

Then we went to a barbeque at my aunt’s house…


Evita spent a lot of time in the pool and crashed on the way home…
Ashley picked me up and we watched the sunset…
Then we drove around trying to find a place to park for the fireworks. Three years ago we ended up watching them from driving in Ashley’s car, and this year we thought the same thing might happen. After a few random adventures, we finally found a place to park and watch them from her tailgate.

 Then we met up with Jackie for some Lone Stars at the Reef.

 Never take your best friends for granted, all you people who are lucky enough to live near them.

And see what we were doing this time last year here.


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