WW: The Dubai Mall

I decided to make this a Wordless Wednesday post because I don’t really have anything notable to say about the Dubai Mall. It’s basically just a mall. With stores. Stores that I had no interest shopping in since I just returned from Texas, where all the same stores had all the same products for a much lower price. I don’t even know if this post is Wordless-Wednesdayworthy. The pictures were taken with my iPhone since I didn’t think a DSLR was necessary for pictures of a mall. But there were a few cool things about it, such as a kind of weird waterfall and a so-so aquarium with a few poor sharks. Eva loved that, at least. To tell you the truth, I was pretty miserable lugging her around along with the diaper bag for that long. Anyway, this post is become not-so-wordless so I’ll shut up and share the few pics I got of that place…
Oh, one thing I found interesting is that there is a sign when you’re entering the mall that says to wear respectful clothing- covering your knees and shoulders. There were tons of people wearing shorts and sleeveless tops, and I was a bit jealous, because Dubai is hot. At least I didn’t offend anyone for once, I guess.


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