My Second Pregnancy: 4 Weeks

This post was written on August 17, 2013 but not published until August 22, 2013.

Today I finally took a pregnancy test that was convincing. The last two pregnancy tests (taken yesterday and the day before) were pretty faint, which worried me. I still had a strong feeling that I was pregnant, but I went down the google black hole of evaporation lines, chemical pregnancies, etc. Today I got a blaring positive. I’ll be going to the clinic on Monday to confirm.

I also said goodbye to my abs. While I know I won’t have a “real” bump for a while, the pregnancy bloating has already begun.
I’ve been extremely hungry lately and have been eating small meals every couple of hours. I’ll write about my meal and workout goals for the first trimester soon.

That’s all I got for today!

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