Leading by Example

Evita has officially reached the stage where she wants to copy EVERYTHING that I do. She’ll put my purse (or whatever else she can find) around her shoulder and head towards the door if she senses it’s time to go. She’ll grab one of her stuffed animals and cradle it while saying, “night night.” When I brush my hair, she’ll pretend to brush hers. When I’m in the kitchen, she’ll ask me to pick her up so that she can see what I’m doing. Sometimes I’ll give her a big bowl and a spoon so that she can mix something too.
Having a little copycat has given me a new sense of awareness of the things that I do. It has given me this primal urge to lead by example. It has made me feel like I need to do things right- to do things better. I am this tiny human’s first role model. She will learn what’s right from wrong by watching me. Her view of the world will come from me.
One of the things I feel the need to teach her is something Hawaiians call kuleana. Being placed on this beautiful planet is an amazing privilege. Like most privileges, it comes with a great responsibility. We have a paramount duty to take care of our home. Although our time here is short, our impact can be endless.
 And it’s not easy, especially in this modern age. Everything plastic and disposable seems to be cheap and accessible. Consumption and waste has become part of our culture. I’ve been sucked into it just as much as anyone else.
But I like to think I make an effort when I can. I try and find a balance. Some organizations and companies, such as Eco Market, make it so easy. Eco Market is like the Amazon or Etsy of environmentally-conscious products. It is a collection of thousands of products from hundreds of sellers that have been vetted for organic, ethical, and eco-practices. It’s like an online Farmer’s Market, where you can find out who made your product and what they used to make it.
The products pictured below come from a vendor called Our Children’s Earth. They make their products with things that are recycled, up-cycled, reused, or simply come from the earth.
Eco Market carries more than just children’s toys. They have pet supplies, grocery items, beauty products, home decor, and more.
Bookmark it, and go there next time you feel the urge for some online shopping. šŸ™‚

Eco Market
This post was sponsored by Eco Market. As always, all opinions expressed were my own.

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