Throwback Thursday: Jackass Ginger (Hawaii)

I apologize in advance for the quality of these pictures. They’re all from 2008, and I’m pretty sure they were taken on a disposable camera. I got them off my facebook account, and they’re tiny as well. In case you’re wondering, that’s me with the black and white hair, Social D shirt and skate shoes. The other chick is my friend Rikki who I convinced to move to Hawaii shortly after I did. The guy is my friend from high school who was visiting for a week.
Anyway, Nuuanu Judd, aka Jackass Ginger, is a hike I used to go on ALL the time when I was an undergrad. It was close to my school, very accessible, and very short. It was a great place to go to escape the city for an hour (or even less). Why am I using the past tense? Well, I stopped going there after someone chopped down the tree that held a rope swing over the waterfall into the pool.
I can’t find any pictures of my own of this swing, but here is a YouTube video of what I’m talking about:

The thing was awesome, but it’s no longer there… probably for good reason. Once I saw a chick eat it hard. She didn’t lift her legs up while she was swinging, so they hit the rocks on the waterfall below and she jackknifed into the pool. It was kind of hilarious, but I feel bad for thinking so. Here are a few pictures from other great things about the hike:

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