Throwback Thursday: Statue of Shinran Shonin, Okinawa

One thing we did while I was in Okinawa was check out the Statue of Shinran Shonin (Side Note: You know you’re a lawyer if every time you type “statue” you accidentally type “statute,” hah.) Shinran Shonin was a 12th century Buddhist priest. His statute stands on the site of the Battle of Okinawa during WWII. A plaque beside it reads, “As we look at this statue of Shinran Shonin, let all of us together share the same vision and dream as Shinran Shonin did, seeking worldwide peace based on the truth of coexistence, and send out this noble wish from this site to the world.”
A good luck bell next to the statue.
Apparently Buddha or whoever wasn’t too upset because we got a beautiful rainbow on the way out.

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