My Second Pregnancy: 8 Weeks

This week was hard. I don’t ever remember feeling this exhausted with Eva. I mean, from the moment I wake up I’m ready to simply migrate from my bed to my couch and veg out all day, and that’s even before the pregnancy insomnia kicked in a few days ago. For the past few nights I’ve been waking up at around midnight unable to fall back asleep. I never experienced insomnia with Eva. I managed to push myself through my morning runs/workouts everyday except one, so I’m proud of myself for that. Also, at this point in my last pregnancy I was feeling a bit nauseous (though I never actually threw up) and had very tender breasts, which thankfully isn’t the case this time… yet.
Also, I was pleasantly surprised when my doctor informed me that I’ll be having my first ultrasound on Monday! Back in Hawaii I wasn’t given an ultrasound until my first trimester screening at 12 weeks. But, since I’m being sent to South Africa (or somewhere) for my first trimester screening this time he wants to make sure the dating is exactly right.
Speaking of South Africa, I called my insurance company and got a referral to a Pretoria hospital for my first trimester screening with no issues whatsoever, but when I called the hospital to make an appointment they were completely booked until March of next year. I guess that’s pretty common in countries with universal health care. Soooo… now they’re trying to figure out where to send me instead. I’m anxiously awaiting a phone call/e-mail from them. I won’t be devastated if I don’t make my first trimester screening; I’m not even sure if I’d do anything with negative results… but it would be nice to know whether everything looks like it’s running smoothly in there. So fingers crossed there’s a hospital or clinic approved by my insurance company available somewhere. I only have 3-4 weeks to make it happen.


  1. I just wanted to say that i think the idea that “long wait time are normal for countries with universal healthcare” is such a myth. I live in Germany and I can usually have a same day appointment if need be. The wait times are MUCH better than in the US even (I am from the Us originally)

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