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I haven’t done a “la semana pasada” post in over a month now, but here’s a little of what we’ve been up to since the last one…
Surf came up for a while.
Eva has been cuter than ever:
My BFF’s mom (aka Eva’s honorary grandma) sent us a care package with adorable Halloween outfits so we’ve been getting in the spirit:
Despite the beginnings of the Mango Rains we’ve been able to enjoy plenty of time outside:
And my house looks like a disaster with all the carpets rolled up for Eva’s potty training boot camp. I think we’re just about ready to roll them back down, though.
My good friend Marisa who I used to work with back at Hard Rock Honolulu is visiting me for the next couple of weeks! It may make blogging around here a little sparse, but I’m sure it’ll provide for lots of juicy material once she leaves and I have time to blog again. (You can follow our adventures on Instagram in the meantime.)


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