My Second Pregnancy: 13 Weeks

This’ll be a quick update because I have a friend visiting right now (yeay!). Also, I legitimately don’t have much to say about this week. I’ve been feeling pretty great, except for having to switch a couple of my morning runs to walk/run intervals this week (waahh). I think I’ve just been worn out from the sightseeing I’ve been doing. I’ll officially be entering the second trimester in a few days so I look forward to having more energy for my workouts. 


  1. I’m loving reading all these mama updates! Thanks for doing this. You are only a week or two away from 2nd trimester bliss! yay!
    (and girl, go get you some seafood! Just spend the money to do it right/safe! Perhaps I’m crazy, but I’ve definitely had sushi 3 times this pregnancy. It was all I wanted! I’m a believer of listening to my body. well, and spending the money to get the expensive trustworthy stuff).

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