My Second Pregnancy: 12 Weeks!

Well… I finally made it to the special 12-week mark!
The First Trimester Screening went really well. Everything on the ultrasound looked normal and now I’m just waiting for my blood results. The baby was jumping around in my belly and sucking its thumb. It’s amazing what a baby can do just 9 weeks after conception.
One thing is for sure, this baby seems to be bigger than Eva was at this point (and not just because the machine was zoomed in more). On the day of the scan, the average of itsΒ measurements put this baby at 12w2d, 5 days bigger than what it’s “supposed” to be. I know there is a margin of error on ultrasound measurements so it’s not that big a deal, but I have a feeling this baby is going to be bigger than she was. It might explain why I’ve been so much more ravenous this time around. We’ll see if I’m right in time, I guess.
Here is a picture of the little one sucking its thumb:
And here’s a nice profile pic where you can see the nose and little cheekers:
If you’re curious, you can find Eva’s NT Scan pictures hereΒ for comparison.
So the first picture of me in this post was taken in the morning. Not before breakfast or anything, but I hadn’t eaten a significant amount of food at that point. If you’re curious as to what my bump looks like at the END of the day, it’s more like this:
Um, yeah. Granted I’m wearing a super tight dress and the stripes are probably not helping either. But yeah, my belly expands like a balloon throughout the day and by morning it’s gone. Well, not completely gone. But not THAT. Does yours do this? I don’t remember it being this significant in my first pregnancy.


  1. That happens to me too! By the time I’ve eaten all day and get ready for bed I look at least a month further along than I already am! Definitely don’t remember that from my first pregnancy either! I’m glad baby is doing well and that you’re feeling ok! Happy 12 weeks! πŸ™‚

  2. You look like you’re doing very well. Baby looks awesome at 12 weeks old!! You got so many great pictures at your first visit.. You must be getting very excited. Hey, are you finding out the sex of the baby? Did you with E?

  3. I love seeing ultra-sound photos! I don’t know why, I’m nowhere near ready having my own yet but they just make me so happy. I love that first image as a way of journalling your pregnancy, so a lovely idea. You look amazing in that late photo, I used to have that dress (H&M, right?) but gave it away to a friend and I regretted it immediately xo

  4. Congratulations to you πŸ™‚ I’m so glad to hear that baby is growing and healthy! and you look great!

    Are you planning on giving birth overseas? I would love to know your thoughts on this! My husband and I decided to return to America to have our first… but we had talked about maybe being willing to have our second overseas. Maybe. (We’re back in America now so it doesn’t even matter… but I’m just curious what your plan is at this point!)

  5. I don’t know if you know about the “nub” theory as applied to the 12 week ultrasound, but there is a belief that the gender can be determined as of between weeks 11 and 14, because the fetus has a genital “nub” that at first glance is indistinguishable at first glance, but based on the angle to the spine and the shape, it can be predicted with up to 90% accuracy depending on who reads it. I was right for mine!
    So just for kicks, I’m going to apply my theory to your ultrasound – the “nub” is only clear in the first and third ultrasound photos, and it appears that it is more or less horizontal to the spine, which would indicate girl. If the nub were pointing upward at 30 degrees or more from the spine, it would more likely be a boy. There’s also a theory on forked or hooked nub endings that might influence the reading, but I can’t really tell from those pictures. So there you have it! I’m no expert, but like I said I was right for my own girl. It will be fun to find out what it actually is! And congrats on your new addition πŸ™‚

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