Christmas Card Outtakes

A couple of my blogger friends have posted their Christmas card photo successes and disasters, so I thought I’d join in on the fun. It seems like whenever I want to take a picture of Eva for something important (like smashing cake on her first birthday or revealing the sex of baby #2), she wants nothing to do with it. Our Christmas card photo shoot was no exception. In fact, we had to go back and try again the next day.
Here were our trials…
Day One:
 Okay, I’ll take the blame for a few of the mishaps of this session. First of all,it was the middle of the day. It was too hot, too bright, and there were shadows all over Eva’s face. Second, I hadn’t let the tide come up enough and the water looked a bit more green than blue.
Eva didn’t help at all, though. She refused to wear her Santa hat, and for the most part refused to look at the camera. I tried every trick in the book with no luck. She’d actually turn around and start running away most of the time. I did what I could and hoped for the best, but when I got home I wasn’t happy with any of them. There were cute ones, but they weren’t Christmas-card material.
She kept drinking the ocean water and driving me crazy. Half the pictures I snapped of her she had her hand in her mouth.

Day 2: 
So after looking over the photos and deciding I wasn’t happy with any of them, I went back the next day for round two. It wasn’t the best photo shoot ever, but it was a little better than the day before. 
Eva actually kept her hat on this time, but most of the time she was moving so much that the pictures came out blurry. But she (sort of) looked at the camera (sometimes) and gave me plenty of these “Cheese… I really don’t want to do this right now” smiles…

I’m not sharing the picture I chose for our Christmas card on my blog today… I figured it’d take a little of the fun out of getting them in the mail. I promise I got a decent one, though!


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