Cimitero delle Fontanelle

Tonight and tomorrow Mexicans and Mexican-Americans celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Two years ago I celebrated on my blog by honoring deceased family members of mine. Last year I was in Texas and was able to celebrate in person, which I wrote about here. This year I’ll stick to celebrating on my blog again by writing about my trip to Cimitero delle Fontanelle.

I first learned about this ossuary on Bonnie’s blog a few months before my trip to Italy. As soon as I saw her pictures I just knew I had to go. It is tucked away in Naples, on a steep hill accessible by the narrowest of roads. It is the site of hundreds of thousands of skulls and bones. Most of them come from anonymous persons, many who were killed during the plague of 1656. Over the years, the people of Napoli began “adopting” these skeletons. They would clean them, bring them crosses and other trinkets, and even give them names. This is definitely one of the creepiest places I’ve ever seen…

How do you honor the dead in your culture?


  1. I love that photo of Eva and your husband looking at each other. Just gorgeous.
    We don’t really ‘celebrate’ the dead in the UK and I find it kind of sad. We’re very good and mourning and then keeping a stiff upper lip, but celebrating the people/the life they led, not so much.

  2. You do not know how excited I was to see this on my bloglovin’ feed! I am so glad you got to go and I loved your photographs! I was so surprised about this place having lived in Naples and now knowing about it from my friend who was stationed there with her family. I’m so glad she explored Naples so that she could find this place so that you could go. I will have to share this post for sure! x

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