My Second Pregnancy: 15 Weeks

The past couple of days have been hard for me. I seem to have come down with some sort of illness… probably the flu. On Tuesday I started getting some pretty terrible body aches. I thought it was from Monday’s leg workout, but it got worse on Wednesday and by Thursday I was in agony. I went to the doctor that morning and got a Malaria and CBC test, which measures your blood count and proportions to check for viruses or infections. Everything looked normal, so I figured it had to just be pregnancy-related; but that evening I came down with a fever and some pretty nasty stomach issues. Today I’m still feeling pretty crappy, but got some reassuring news (sort of). My friend Marisa, who returned to the United States this week, seems to have the same thing I do. So hopefully it’s just a virus and not anything serious. I’ve been taking Tylenol to keep my fever down and body aches at bay and I’m hoping this all passes soon. I don’t even remember the last time I had a flu… I feel like I must have been a kid or something. As I’m writing this, I just got a message from my husband saying the doctor wants to see me before the weekend just in case. Off I go!
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