My Second Pregnancy: 17 Weeks

So I had my second trimester screening on Wednesday and everything looked good. Before the ultrasound, I had my checkup at my normal clinic. When I had my blood drawn, the nurse punctured through my vein! I damn near passed out. He had to switch to my other arm and poke me again. It was awful. After that ordeal I was feeling pretty faint. Other than that, according to the doctor’s scale, I’ve gained 5lbs since the beginning of my pregnancy, but I don’t really trust public scales (plus I had already eaten a bunch of food and was wearing different clothes than last time) so I’m going to continue to base my weight on my digital scale at home. Whichever is right, I’m okay with, really. It’s pretty clear that my body is changing, though. My arms have lost muscle and my belly and butt have expanded.
After the checkup I had to anxiously wait 2 hours for my ultrasound appointment. Apparently the rest of my ultrasounds can be done at a local clinic here in Tanzania (including the anatomy scan) so I won’t  have to fly to South Africa for that. I was just stoked to have another ultrasound done this week. I never had a second trimester screening done in Hawaii with my first pregnancy. (I think they only do them there if they notice something potentially wrong during the first trimester screening.) I was SO nervous, though. I was eager to find out whether the baby’s sex. Of course I wanted to know that it was healthy and everything as well, but I couldn’t help but wonder. When the ultrasound tech said, “Do you want to know what the sex is?” my heart started pounding. “YES!” I felt like I was shouting. “Looks like… {insert pause that felt like an eternity} … a boy.” ARE YOU SURE? “Yes. You see that? That’s the willy.” IT CAN’T BE THE CORD, CAN IT? “No, it’s definitely not the cord. The cord is up here. That’s the willy.” She kept calling it a “willy” which made me want to giggle. I still can’t believe it. I’m so, so stoked and I cant wait to meet him. ♥
I have to scan all the pictures, so I probably won’t post them until next week.


  1. I’m so happy you are having a baby boy :)! At the gender scan we had a similar conversation. The lady said “Sure it’s a boy, look at that” pointing at something that looked like a cord. Hubby and I couldn’t believe it but we were so happy.

  2. Congrats! Boys are so much fun, my little guy is 20 months and I’m due 3 weeks after you, so I’ve been really enjoying your updates! I’m excited to see your second trimester workout plan, I’ve been doing a slightly modified version of your first trimester routine and it’s been great – thank you 🙂

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