My Second Pregnancy: Half-Baked

At this point it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever.
I don’t remember feeling like I had been pregnant this long at this point in my last pregnancy.
Still, it’s reassuring that I’ve made it here.
I won’t say, “It’s all downhill from here,” though, because I know better.
I’ve only made it through the easy part.
I keep reminding myself what a great experience this is, though, and it won’t last forever.
Best part about this week? Well, I had been craving Frito Pie forever. I didn’t know until recently that there are actually people out there who don’t know what a Frito Pie is. Well, prepare to have your mind blown. Joking. All it is is Fritos topped with chii and cheese. If you grew up in South Texas this was a staple at any football or baseball game you’ve ever attended. It is simultaneously the most delicious and unhealthy snack ever. And thanks to my bestie’s mama who sent me a giant care package which included several bags of Fritos and cans of chili (amongst a whole lot of other delicious things), I was finally able to enjoy one. Or more.
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  1. “Half-baked” haha! 🙂

    I’m craving mac’n’cheese too!

    I hear you about the length and difficulties of pregnancy. Like you, I am very grateful. But at the same time, making a human is HARD WORK for our bodies. Yes it’s natural, but hard sometimes. Right now, the hardest is that I’m starting heartburn and I’m less mobile. I get short-breath quite easily.

  2. As someone who attends a lot of football games and spends a considerable amount of time eating and drinking in parking lots, you’d think I’d heard of this… but Frito Pie had escaped me. I’ve dipped Fritos in chili before (some days I have no shame) but this is a whole other level. And it sounds amazing. Clean eating might have to be back on… tomorrow.

  3. You are not the only one feeling as if she’s being pregnant forever., I was just telling hubby today that this pregnancy around I feel more pregnant than the first one. And I waddle something I never did during pregnancy #1

  4. Frito pie? I”m one of those people who has no idea. Also, 1 lb weight gain??? I think I gained that the moment I thought about getting preg. (If you can’t tell, the weight gain is seriously killing me. Same thing happened last time. Wah!)
    I’m finding that this pregnancy is physically easier than my first, even at almost 35 weeks, I’m feeling pretty good (tired, and a bit sore, but nothing unmanageable). Maybe you’ll be similarly lucky? I hope so!

  5. You are so cute pregnant! And definitely fit! Way to go. I live in Texas and Frito pie is amazing! You are now making me want some 🙂 Here in North Texas we were just hit with an ice storm but I might just have to walk across the street to get some chili and fritos!

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