Another Christmas in Dar (in Pictures)

Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve the three of us got all dressed up and went to a dinner party at a friend’s house. We listened to Christmas music and ate lots of delicious food. It actually managed to make me feel a little less homesick.
Christmas Morning
I woke up early and finished making tamales. A few hours later we heard Eva coming down the stairs and got super excited. It was finally time for her to open the gifts we bought her what feels like so long ago. Her favorite gift was her legos. She played with them the rest of the day (when we were at home, that is).
 Christmas Afternoon
After eating the tamales that took forever to make,we headed to the beach! It was a little overcast and windy, but at least it wasn’t so hot. It was also low tide (not good for swimming), so we searched for crabs and lounged in the tide pools before heading home. Then Eva and I spent a quiet(ish) evening alone together.


  1. I happy you enjoyed Christmas, this year was the third year celebrating Christmas away from our extended family and it was very nice but it would be nice to celebrate Christmas among the loudness of all the extended family

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