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It has been forever since I’ve written a “lately” style post. I guess there hasn’t been much going on that’s not pregnancy or Eva related that I couldn’t fit into one of those updates. December has been going by much more quickly than November, thankfully. Maybe one reason is that I’ve sort of “let go” of having a definite moving destination and date. I figured everybody is caught up in Christmas things that we won’t be finding out anything until after the New Year. So in case you’ve been wondering, we still don’t know for sure where we’ll be moving or when exactly we’ll be leaving Tanzania. It’s still driving me a bit crazy but there’s nothing I can do about it for now so I might as well enjoy Christmastime.

I don’t have many personal updates other than that. Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past couple of months according to my photo archives…

Still babywearing…
Eva had this unfortunate run-in with Santa Claus over the weekend:
But we gave her one of her Christmas gifts early to make up for it. (…and because we just couldn’t help ourselves.)


  1. I do hope you’re not whisked away before we come back and I get a chance to meet you. I managed to fail to meet up with a blogger while we were in SA, so I;d hate it to be ‘my thing’!

    Her face when she’s with Santa – poor little bean! I’ve seen several similar photos from friends all over this Christmas.

  2. I love those skateboard pics and your bump is sooo cute! Mine is outrageous compared to yours lol. Here I go comparing again! I hope you guys figure out when and where you’re going really soon 😉

  3. love the photos with strawberry suit, bandana, and lovely romantic hair style 🙂 Eva is such a charming little lady! Good luck with baby No 2, dear Erica! It must be exciting to expect again! Wish you happy holidays from distant snowy Bulgaria! Love your blog! :*

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