My Second Pregnancy: 21 Weeks

My anatomy scan was Wednesday and everything looked great! The baby is still measuring about 4 days ahead and yes, he still has a penis. Because my last ultrasound was on the early side, I’ve actually been stressing a lot about this. A few girls in my Facebook group had their baby’s sex changed at the 20-week scan, including one (or more?) with disappearing penises.
My baby boy was moving around SO much that it was impossible to get a clear picture, especially one of his profile. I was a little bummed about this, but I loved watching him move around in there. His favorite spot was still head down in the same place as last time (very low). He kept doing flips and turns but would always settle back to his spot. I really wish we would have gotten better pictures, because there was some pretty amazing things to see. At one point he reached out and grabbed his foot, which was high up near his head. His little fingers were so adorable. I can’t wait to give them kisses.
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  1. exciting! and you’re looking great! did you do your anatomy scan in dar? i had to go to singapore for mine. in retrospect it probably would have been fine to do it in jakarta.
    are you going to give birth in dar? (i know a move maybe on the horizon.) everyone asks me this, and yes, jakarta it is, so curious!

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