2/52 {pregnancy/baby/life updates}

I’ll start with my favorite portrait of the week, for Jodi’s Portrait-a-Week Project.
My favorite portrait from last week was definitely little Poppy practicing her surfing skills.
I also loved the reflection in this picture.
I’m glad I decided to continue with the project this year.

This week Eva turned 22 months old! Two months until the big TWO! I’ve already started planning her birthday party. It will be at my Dad’s ranch back in Texas. I’m so excited we’ll be spending her birthday with family this year.

Here are a few other pictures I love from this week. They’re mostly iPhone pics, because it was just one of those weeks.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty quiet week for us, except for our many trips to the beach and pool.

Here’s a video of Eva swimming around in her puddle jumper. It’s kind of long so feel free to skip it, haha.
This is the kind of puddle jumper she’s wearing:
Supposedly it helps kids learn to swim. We’ll see!
I’ve finally been feeling Damian’s hiccups lately. I felt them all the time with Eva, but this time it’s a bit different. The hiccups are coming from very, very low in my pelvis. I could always tell this baby is sitting lower than my first, but now it’s super obvious. I don’t think there is much a difference in the position of my belly, though.
I was able to sell a few things of Eva’s and in turn I’ve started to buy things for Damian.
Originally, I was going to keep Eva’s old car seat carrier and buy a new cover for it from Graco since hers was pink (Did you know you could do that? It saves a lot of money!). I was able to sell it for a good price here, though (since car seats are ridiculously expensive if you buy them locally) and I bought Damian this one instead:

I bought him this cute little doll from supersockmonkeys (also on Etsy):

I bought these crib sheets from ModFox (Etsy):

I also bought Damian’s crib blanket from Brooke Van Gory Designs on Etsy. It’s custom so I won’t have a picture to share until it arrives.
Finally, I bought him his “Going Home” outfit, which I don’t want to share until the big day. :)

How are your babies coming along? 

Last night Daniel and I went out on our first date in sooo long! We ate dinner at a new restaurant called Shooters. It’s on a high rise, which I’ve mentioned I’m a bit afraid of here, lol. The view is stunning. You can almost see the whole peninsula. The food is pretty good, too. We had so much fun talking about all our upcoming changes. No pictures to document it, though. Oh well.

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  1. says

    The blues and greens of your first pic are just stunning – and o – those little outstretched fingers! My baby’s just coming up to 25 weeks so your pregnancy update sounded very familiar. Yep to hiccups and yep to insomnia! I’ll try to link up some time soon!

  2. Anonymous says

    Can i ask what car seat is eva using now? I have a daughter a little younger than her and am have yet to buy hee a convertible car seat. i am pregnant as well…i think we have the same due date 04.25.14 :) expecting a little boy as well. Hooray!!

  3. says

    Just found your blog this weekend while searching for more Mommy blogs to follow! I’m a former expat (Italy and England) and now live back in my hometown, in VA – it’s lovely here! Eva is a cutie and I love your little baby bump – I’m a week ahead of you and HUGE in comparison – I love the diversity of pregnant bodies!

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