4/52 {pregnancy/baby/life updates}

I didn’t take many interesting portraits this week, and this is all I could come up with for my favorite. Eva and I love having a yard full of plumeria, and we’re not quite sure what we’re going to do without it once we get to Virginia. Oh well. I’m linking up with Jodi’s portrait-a-week project. My favorite portrait from last week’s collection was of little Liam standing in front of the continent I wish I was moving to.

Tot School Update:
This week was a crazy week of trying to entertain Eva despite all her toys being shipped away. Needless to say, I’m exhausted. On the upside, Eva finally identified every letter in the alphabet this week. I’m so proud of her. We were using this brand new set of Elmo flashcards that my bestie sent. Eva loves them:

I think what really helped Eva learn her entire alphabet was moving away from teaching one letter each week and just playing with all of them instead. Then, last week this article popped up on my Pinterest page that actually advocates “No More Letter of the Week.” I didn’t realize this was an actual thing, but I totally agree with it because Eva seemed to start learning her letters more quickly after I moved away from it. I still use some letter of the week worksheets, but I only really give them to her to color on now and practice tracing the letters. One day I’ll probably dedicate a post about how I taught Eva the alphabet.

 Another development Eva has made is moving up past “10” when counting. I didn’t even realize she could do it because I always stopped at 10, but one day her Daddy asked, “And what comes after 10?” and she said “eleben…” and several others (skipping a bunch) until twenty. 🙂 It’s amazing what kids will learn without any formal teaching at all.
This week I entered the third trimester! I had a hint of heartburn some days, but not nearly as bad as anything I was experiencing at this point with Eva. I’ve had quite a bit more insomnia, though, which sucks! I’ve also been feeling quite a bit more round ligament pain than I did the first time around.

Here’s a bare belly pic since I haven’t posted one in a while:

Impulse Buys of the Week:
It sucks not being able to shop for bras in person (it’s really hard to find bras with a small band/large cup size in stores), but I really needed some new ones so I decided to splurge on a couple of nursing bras.

I bought this pretty-looking one from Le Mystere with Underwire:

and this more comfortable looking one without it:

I’m hoping they’ll fit/work out. I’ll let you know!


  1. The plumeria is lovely (we call it frangipani) it’s one of the biggest things I miss about living in the tropics.. hopefully we’ll be back in frangipani-land next year! Beautiful pic! And I’m enjoying following one week behind you with our babes!

  2. OMG – soak up that sunshine and warmth – it hasn’t been above freezing much here in Virginia for weeks (and February is our coldest month of the year). I bought some nursing bras a few weeks back and had the same problem – the stores only carry “standard” sizing, of which I’m not, and because of pregnancy growth, I really don’t even know what size I am so I’m just winging it. Kind of annoying. I did buy some super comfortable racerback nursing tanks/bras from Target though – they don’t have clip down cups (which I never seemed to be able to master) but just pull to the side for nursing. They aren’t very supportive but I think they will be my go-tos for around the house comfort.

  3. We did/are doing (we’re on X!) letter of the week, but only after Ethan knew all of his letters already. Otherwise, it would take way, way too long and be too confusing, I think. Each week we do more hands on activities, fine motor practice, etc. with each letter and learn more about sight words that start with said letter. It’s been cool to watch him learn to put letters together!

  4. That pony tail on little eva just kills me. Too cute. I’ve been on the hunt for nursing bras too and since I’m on bed rest, it’s tough to pick one online. So, I feel ya. I just had Phillip pick up a cheap one that I used for Cruze from Burlington coat factory. Hopefully it’ll hold me over until I can go out myself and find one. And YAY for the third trimester! I’m so excited to be this close to meeting our little guy. Now that all the anxiety has passed lol.

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