7/52 {pregnancy/baby/life updates}

Eva running around at the beach on Monday, which ended up being gorgeous day.
Eva eating lunch with her great-grandmother, my Mamo.
Left: Eva playing dressup with the Minnie Mouse outfit my mom got her. / Right: Eva in another outfit she approves of.
My mom’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day and I’m glad we got to be with her to celebrate this year.
On Saturday we had a playdate with Eva’s cousin Isla and her Tia Sheala and Grammy at the park. The girls had so much fun on the slides and swings.
The pool isn’t quite warm enough yet but my Dad warmed up the hot tub so Eva could get her water fix. In other news, my little brother shaved off his beard and Eva is cool with him again.
On Sunday Eva hung out with her second cousin, Landon. They had a lot of fun together running around at the beach. They took a picture in front of this sign because D.J. Lerma is their great-grandfather (my grandfather).
Videos of the Week:
1. Eva has a better growl than I do. Maybe she’ll be in a hardcore band one day.
2. Eva going down the slide with her primo Landon.
3. Eva at the park with her Grammy.
Yeay! I finally hit the 30’s. Ten weeks to go until I meet my baby boy. This week was a mostly uneventful one. My rib pain actually subsided a bit; I think it’s because I was on my feet more than usual. My grandmother insists it’s because my belly dropped, but I don’t really notice a difference and I think it’s too soon for that, isn’t it? Either way, my belly is really starting to get huge, and I can see a freckle in my bellybutton that I can only see when I’m pregnant. It isn’t an outie yet (it never got to that point with Eva, either) but it’s very shallow.


  1. Go you! You look awesome for 30 weeks with baby #2! BTW, I keep hearing about House of Cards. Wondering if it’s worth spending my very limited amount of tv watching time on? What kind of tv shows do you love? Maybe that will give me an idea if we like the same kind of shows.


  2. It’s so wonderful to see you guys having a great time with your family! It must be so nice to catch up after being so far away. <3 I know what you mean about not being able to relax. Over the weekend, I took Roman to visit family for the first time since he’s started standing. OMG… it’s non-stop chasing. Haha..

  3. Awww, she is back to her natural habitat :). I love how she’s getting so much attention from her grandparents :). I just started watching the first episode of House of Cards season 1. can’t wait to catch up so i can carry on watching season 2 with AMI.

    you are looking great as always, your belly is beautiful and petit – not huge at all 🙂

  4. Dude, when we go visit California we feel the same way. It’s nice being able to go and visit, but we end up having to drive all over the place to see everyone. Oh! And I love that little growl Eva gives!! Emery used to do the same thing when we’d listen to iwrestledabearonce. 🙂

    Lookin lovely as always too! Here’s to the next ten weeks flying by!

    • I know… that’s why I was so excited to find a cover for it! I couldn’t even find one on ebay. I used it everyday with Eva, right up until we left Tanzania… and I think most (if not all) of the incidents with it occurred because parents were being neglectful or using it irresponsibly. 🙂

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