Baby Registry: Bath Time

1. Fisher Price Baby Tub– I had a similar (but pink) version of this tub for Eva and she used it right up until we left Tanzania. Our big tub there didn’t have a drain stop in it and we never could find one that fit. We were lucky to even have a tub in Tanzania from what I was told, haha. What I love about this tub is that you can use it from the newborn stage all the way into toddlerhood. There are a lot of really cute/hip newborn-only tubs out there but I always kind of thought they are a waste of money. I definitely got my bang for my buck for this tub. I’m planning on getting the same one (in blue) for Damian.

2. Babo Botanicals Lavender 3-n-1 Baby Shampoo, Bubble Bath, and Body Wash– I prefer giving baths at the end of the day, close to bed time, and I love love love using lavender-scented products. This one by Babo is certified organic and uses a plant-based formula to cleanse your baby. Pair it with the Babo Botanicals Calming Moisturizing Lotion post-bath.

3. Circo Newborn Boys Jacquard Skull Towel– Honestly, this is only up there because I think it’s too adorable to pass up.

4. Matching Washcloths– For all those baby rolls I can’t wait to squeeze.

5. Baby Shark Robe– So cute. They have one in pink too.

6. The Very Hungry Catepillar Bath Book and Squirtees Gift Set– I was just browsing for bath toys and I came across this one. I love the idea of reading to your baby in the bath and having cute little toys that go along with the book.

7. Bath Crayons– This is one of Eva’s favorite bath toys. She loves tagging up the sides of the bath. I think she feels as if though she’s getting away with something since she’s normally only allowed to color on paper.

8. Alphabet Set– Never miss an opportunity to teach your baby the alphabet! Eva likes how these letters stick to the side of the bathtub. I love spelling words with her.

9. Scoop and Drain Toy Storage– This is something I received before Eva was born and I still use it today. I love how I can just scoop all the toys out of the bathtub without getting my hands all soapy. The water drains right out and the scooper conveniently clips back on to the side of the tub. Perfect.

10. Faucet Cover– I love this one because it has a little surfer on it. It’s available in a Dora version too. πŸ™‚

11. Bathtub Mat– For when your baby graduates from the baby tub.

12. Towel Apron– This is something I’ve only recently discovered and I wish I would have had it for the first baby! I can’t tell you how many times I found my clothes more wet than the baby when giving her a bath, haha. This apron is perfect for immediate post-bath cuddles while drying off.

What are/were your bath time essentials?


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