Baby Registry: Cloth Diapering

1. Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers– These are the diapers I preferred using for Eva and I’m planning on using them for Damian as well. There are so many different types of cloth diapers out there, and different kinds work better for different mamas, babies, and situations. The Charlie Banana diapers come with two reusable inserts per diaper. When Eva was an infant, I’d typically use only one but double up while she was sleeping. As she got older and began to pee more, I’d use both inserts at all times. I really liked these diapers because they were one size, and they had snaps rather than velcro. I hear (but don’t know from experience) that velcro tends to wear out over time. The diapers I used for Eva are still in great condition and I used them for over a year. What I always tell new mamas is to put a few different kinds on your registry that way you can try them out and see what you like before investing in a lot of one kind.

How many diapers should you get? I only had 8 diapers with Eva but I did laundry almost every single day. This time, I’m planning on buying at least 12 (and having Eva’s old pink ones for backup) so that I don’t have to worry about doing as much laundry.

2. Marley’s Little Monstor Reusable Wipes– I never used reusable wipes with Eva but back in Tanzania a friend showed me how it’s done and it seems pretty simple. I think I’ll try it this time around, too… at least when we’re at home. I might even end up making my own cloth wipes, but I really love all the designs they have at Marley’s Monsters on Etsy and they’re pretty affordable.

3. Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion Spray– This is what you can spray on the cloth wipe before wiping the baby, but there are also a ton of easy recipes to make your own solution. Some of them involve ingredients as simple as baby oil, baby soap, and water. You can check a bunch of them out here.

4. Diaper Sprayer– I never had this with Eva. I just put the diaper, poop and all, into the washing machine and I never had a problem getting it out. Since I’ll likely be using a diaper pail this time, though, I kind of want one of these to knock all the poop off in the toilet beforehand.

5. Large Wet Bag and/or Diaper Pail– Like I said, with Eva I just threw the diapers straight into the washing machine if it was empty, or right beside it if it wasn’t. In our new townhouse, however, our washing machine is way down in the basement (two floors below Damian’s changing table), and I think know I’ll be too busy lazy to go all the way down there after every diaper change. I’m going to start out with an oversize wet bag but if it doesn’t contain the smell I think I’ll invest in a cloth diaper pail as well.

6. Rockin’ Green Detergent– This another thing I never used when cloth diapering Eva. I lived in Tanzania and it wasn’t exactly available there. Regular Tide detergent worked well for a while, but Tanzania has really, really hard water and after a few months I had to start stripping the diapers regularly (because minerals would build up on the diaper and decrease their absorption). From what I hear, you can get away with using regular detergent if you don’t also have hard water in your area, but if you have hard water it’s best to use a detergent that is made for cloth diapers. I don’t know what the water is like in Virginia but I will probably start using cloth diaper detergent this time around just to be safe (stripping can be a pain in the butt).

7. Drying Rack– If I was in a hurry I’d just throw Eva’s diapers in the dryer, but I preferred using a drying rack. I think it’s better for the diapers and it saves a lot of electricity (and money), especially when you have small loads.

8. Changing Table– Oh, the great debate over whether to buy a changing table… Personally, I loved having a changing table with Eva and I used it right up until I left Tanzania. I plan on using the same one for Damian as well. I liked that I didn’t have to hunch over to change her, like I’d have to do if I were changing her on a bed or couch. I liked that I didn’t have to worry about any accidents, which I hear is even more common with boys. I liked that all my diaper changing essentials were all in one place. Some people just put a changing pad on their dresser, but I liked having the space on Eva’s dresser for pictures and decorations. I think my changing table was well worth the $75.

9. Diaper Bag– I already wrote about how I’ve never owned a traditional diaper bag, but sometimes I daydream of owning this Marc Jacobs one.

10. Travel Wet Bag– For cloth diapering on the go.

What are/were your cloth diapering essentials? What are things you did without?


  1. To be honest with you, I was SUPER excited about the changing table we got Marli from Ikea because I added a really pretty chevron liner paper to it, but goodness – we have only used it maybe 2-3 times. The pad our friend got it has also only been used a handful of times. I usually just change her on our bed. Such a bummer. BUT, it looks really nice in the room and it does hold a lot of her things haha

  2. Thank you so much for this. We are in the process of adopting and I know I want to cloth diaper. However, it is all very overwhelming for a first timer and we had no idea where to even start. This is a great post to reference and get us started. And I had been looking at Charlie Banana. Also, good to know on the # of diapers also. A lot of sites say to start with 24 and that is just an insane amount of money! Thanks again!

  3. How easy is it to install the sprayer? Is it easily removable as well? We move around a lot and I’m not sure if I want to invest in a sprayer for an apartment when it’s tough to install/remove. Thanks for this post!

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