11/52 {pregnancy/baby/life updates}

And we have internet! A couple of days earlier than I expected. I’m really excited about that, but I’m also a bit overwhelmed by all the catching up I have to do. This “weekly update” is actually for the week of March 10-March 16. The week was a very busy one. We started it off in Austin, then drove back to the Valley only to end up in Tennessee by Saturday. That’s A LOT of driving. I’ll save the road trip for another post (or two), though. I don’t even really have time to do a proper recap of this week, really. But here it goes….
On Sunday Eva turned 2!
On Wednesday (or Thursday?) we took Eva to her first carnival and livestock show. She loved the petting zoo the most (obviously) and was also enamored with all the colors and giant toys everywhere.
On Saturday we embarked on our three-day road trip from Texas to Virginia. Eva was not stoked to be in the cold again.
Video of the Week:
1. How old are you, Eva? “13”… She always says she’s “13” when I ask. She wishes. I also asked her what the flag is because when she says it she sounds like she’s saying a bad word, hahaha.
2. Eva checking out the petting zoo.
3. Eva swinging with her cousins.
March 14, 2014: The rib pain is still really bad. I’ve started having really tripped out dreams about babies and delivering and that sort of stuff. I don’t remember really having them with Eva. Other than that, not much new pregnancy-wise. A few friends and family members gave me a bunch of gifts for Damian which I’m really grateful for. I still need a lot of stuff for him and I since I never had a shower I don’t know how we’ll acquire it all!


  1. I had that rib pain and it sucks Sorry you have to deal. Lots of people told me to go to a chiropractor, but I never did. Not sure if you are into that, but you could try it! At least its almost fin.

  2. YAY!! So glad you got your internet back 🙂 I always look so forward to that when we PCS… You look amazing still and that darn rib pain :/ Happy #2 to Eva!!

  3. Erica, you have such a beautiful family. 🙂 Eva is such a darling…and love her little nautical theme outfit. Marli needed that for her 1st bday party this past weekend! I took her to the zoo for the 1st time last week and she LOVED it! If you guys every make your way to Houston, the Rodeo comes every year in March and I think she would have such a great time. There’s a carnival and of course livestock for her to see/pet etc but also some great concerts…and they usually have at least 1 performance geared more towards little kids/youngsters she may like. Have a great trip to VA!

  4. Not to be an alarmist, but I had pain in a band around my ribs/back/under my boobs, and it turned out to be pre-eclampsia. 🙁 Hopefully that’s not what you have going on, though. Hang in there, not too much longer!!

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