13/52 {pregnancy/baby/life updates}

I let Eva run around in the snow this week and she seems to have warmed up to it. She no longer screams when she picks it up and discovers that, unlike sand, it’s freezing. (No, I haven’t bought her any mittens yet… all the winter stuff seems to be off the shelves.) We weren’t out for long, though. Eva stomped around in the snow and threw it up in the air and laughed and smiled and that’s about all we could take.


3/28/14- I’m NINE MONTHS pregnant! Woohoo! I really feel like I’ve been pregnant FOR-EV-ER at this point. I’m so ready to be done. This is the first week in a while that I’ve been able to get a full lifting routine in for each body part, and my whole body is super achy. Pair that with the still intense rib pain I’ve been experiencing and I just want to crawl in bed. I just gotta keep reminding myself that I’m almost there. I met with the head of the OB department last Monday and I have my first pregnancy check-up since 24 weeks scheduled for this Tuesday. I’ll be 37 weeks according to my ultrasound due date. I wonder if I’ll get a scolding for not having had a check-up in so long. Oh well. What could I have done? I’m hoping everything looks good!
Nine months pregnant and officially busting out of my shirts now.
This is what Virginia looked like for much of this week… I think it’s my karma for always posting pictures using #WinterInTexas/Hawaii/Tanzania hashtags. Now I get to “brag” about #SpringInVirginia. Hah.


  1. Ahh your tummy looks so cute busting out of your shirt haha. I find that mittens are over rated for toddlers if they’re just running outside and playing for a bit or going directly to the car. Lyla’s always fall off or they never fit just right and she likes to touch the snow anyway. Thanks for the link to my chili 🙂 It was a nice surprise!

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