9/52 {pregnancy/baby/life updates}

This week our little border town (which seems to be turning into a big city) celebrated Charro Days! We had a lot of fun getting dressed up and going to the parade and Sombrero Festival. Here’s a little more of what our week looked like…
This dress is known as the “China Poblana” dress.
3 generations matching! 🙂
Eva’s first day at her first ever Sombrero Festival. My dad was busy putting it all together but we still found time to hang out.
Gigi and Eva being silly.
Eva and Uncle D.J.
Left: My family reunited for Charro Days for the first time since 2011 (or maybe earlier). Right: Eva and Auntie “fStef”
Video of the Week:
Evita dancing to Conjunto music like a drunken Tejana… before discovering a patch of sand to play in.
Damian’s kicks and movements seem to be a lot stronger than Eva’s were, and the shape of my stomach is constantly changing. It’s amazing to feel and watch, and I know from experience it’ll be the thing I miss most about pregnancy. My belly is getting bigger and bigger everyday. I’ve reached the point where people are constantly putting their hands on my belly. I don’t mind a bit, though. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes. I’ve finally reached the point “where I should be” as far as weight gain. I’ve packed on the pounds since arriving in South Texas, which I always do when I’m visiting home- pregnant or not. Now it looks like I’ll be gaining about the same as I did with Eva (right at 25lbs) so I’m okay with that. It’s definitely getting harder for me to eat all this yummy Mexican food, though. I ate about 4 or 5 tiny slices of jalapeño with some brisket the other day and boy did I pay the price. The heartburn was brutal. At least I don’t get heartburn just from drinking water like I did with Eva, though. I’m still lifting and running every morning without any major issues and look forward to hitting the gym full force once this baby is out. Oh, by the way, it’s March, which means I’ll be having a baby NEXT MONTH! Eeeek!

My maternity shoot is scheduled for next week and I’m so excited! I’m going with a “pin-up” theme and will be incorporating my Dad’s ’57 Chevy. I’m hoping the pictures turn out alright. I always hate pictures taken of me. The picture above is the outfit I picked out (with a few changes… like not that sports bra hahaha).
I’ve also been busy planning Evita’s Second Birthday Party (also next week… what?!?!?!). I made her this lovely pinata that I’m really happy with, despite it taking forever and a day:


  1. Ahhh you look so great! Also, as usual your photos are lovely and I’m completely jealous of all the awesome things you do. I’m also planning my daughter’s birthday party but I can’t even pick a theme. It’s not until April 27th so I have time but a Mexican theme is totally an option for me. That pinata is great!

  2. I am sorry, but is that your mother with you in the 2nd picture??!?! She looks like your sister. Holy moly good genes 🙂 Love hearing about your updates. I was so amused and tickled by all the movement Marli was doing and how she would contort my belly into different shapes. Never knew that would happen. Hope you had a great weekend!

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