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Just a quick update from my phone… It looks like the cable/internet guy won’t be here until Monday so I won’t be back to blogging until at least then. We’ve been pretty busy shopping and trying to get as settled as possible. Our household goods won’t arrive from Tanzania until the beginning of May, which I’m super bummed about because the baby will definitely be here before then. I’m also in mini-freak out mode because the only gym in my town will cost $120/month to work out at (WTF).  Remember when I said that having a real gym was the number one thing I was looking forward to about being back in the United States? I think I jinxed myself. I’ve never paid more than $50, except at the UFC gym in Hawaii which included unlimited real martial arts classes. So right now I’m at the point where I don’t know what to do. It has been a week since I’ve worked out and I’m feeling pretty anxious. I’m going to start working out on base but the gym is quite far from my house so I know it can’t be a long-term, regular thing (I’d end up spending more money on gas).  Anyway, enough about my gym woes. At least I’ve been able to stock my fridge with healthy, clean foods for the first time in too long to calculate. And I live by an Ikea. So there’s that.
But the picture of my backyard speaks for itself:


  1. What town are you in? I remember you saying you were going to be stationed in Quantico. I grew up near there (Stafford) so I know the area. If you’re willing to drive, I believe there’s a Planet Fitness in Woodbridge that’s only $10/month. Send me an email – I know the area some and can hopefully help! My email is jess@beingmrsbeer.com.

  2. Is it a crossfit gym? If so – it’s worth it, check it out – I’ve done CF for a few years now and all throughout my pregnancy, its not for everyone but it’s worth trying. If its not crossfit….then I don’t know why it would be so pricey lol. good luck either way!

  3. Holy crap!!!!! $120 a month? There are soo many gyms around where I live in New Jersey and the majority of them are $20 a month if you sign a contract. Those are Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, and all those large commercial gyms but still. Good luck finding something better. And living by an Ikea is a wonderful, wonderful thing haha. Good luck with the rest of your settling in!

  4. Join your closest YMCA!!!! It’s prob $50-$80 a month for a family membership, but SO VERY WORTH IT! Classes for kids, like swim and gymnastics, are discounted for members, child watch is 2-3hrs of free child care while you work out, our YMCA offers a discounted membership based on income, just ask for the assistant application. It’s more than a gym, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our YMCA and we pay $100/month, but here in Boston, the cost is higher than your area. Good luck, spring is here, let’s just pray it actually warms up!!

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