16/52 {pregnancy/baby/life updates}

Yesterday morning we went on a little hike at Government Island, a little nature/historical spot in our neighborhood. It was so nice to spend some time outdoors, even if it’s not the beach or trails we’re used to. Eva ran around everywhere looking for the “East-a Bunny,” which sadly she never found (on the hike, at least).
This was the first year I made Eva an Easter Basket. I felt like she was finally old enough to appreciate one. She might have been last year, too, but we were in Tanzania and things like that aren’t as easy to come by.

We also hid eggs around our yard and let her find them, which she loved.

The rest of the week was spent lounging around, praying for “baby bruddah” to hurry up and get here.

Videos of the Week:
1. Eva busted singing “Landing Feet First” by Bayside in the car.
2. Looking for Easter eggs.
3. Raiding her Easter basket.
4. Eva had been asking to SEE the Easter Bunny all day long. I peeped out our window after the sun went down and happened to spot a bunny eating. Eva saw him just in time, and asked if there were more eggies.
4/18/14- 39 weeks! The week I gave birth to Eva. With Eva I already had signs of impending labor at this point (loss of mucous plug, dilation, bloody show), but as far as I can tell there haven’t been many signs this time around. I did feel a few contractions the other night but I knew they were just practice contractions and not the real thing. My sister-in-law arrives on Sunday for a week so I really hope the baby is born then and not after she leaves! I think the latest I can go without them inducing me is May 1st. That seems like a lifetime away. But as frustrating it is to be in this “any day now stage,” it’s also really exciting. I’m looking forward to the birthing experience again. The only thing I’m really worried about is leaving Eva for a night or two. We’ve only ever spent two nights apart, and not in a row. It’s always so hard for me to sleep when she’s not next to me. Anyway, hopefully the next weekly update will include a picture of baby Damian instead of my giant belly, but I’m still not getting my hopes up. Mostly. I have been nesting, though:

I washed all the new Charlie Banana cloth diapers I got for Damian, and adjusted the leg holes to the newborn size. I still have all the ones I used for Eva, too, but they’re mostly pink. Oh well.


  1. Ahhhh her Easter dress during the egg hunt is the best!!!!!! I wish I had cloth diapered my daughter so much now that I have so much info on it so I’m excited to read about your adventures in cloth diaper land haha Good luck this week with possibly giving birth!

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