He’s Here!

In case you’re wondering why things are a little slow around here…
Damian Julio Castillo was born April 24, 2014 at 5:43 am via all natural delivery. He was 7lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches. I’ll be flooding this blog with pictures and the birth story soon, but for now I’ll be enjoying our first day home together. 🙂


  1. You did great “mamacita”! What a perfect and beautiful reward for all your hard work at staying & keeping healthy. You should be so proud of yourself for being that “strong and courageous” to push through a completely natural delivery. Children are soooo worth the wait and the hard work. I pray that your recovery will be expeditious and that your transition from 1 to 2 will be joyful. Congratulations & blessings upon you and your family.

  2. Congratulations dear! You did a great job 🙂 Enjoy the very first unforgettable and precious moments together! I was waiting for the great news and I’m very happy for you now!

  3. Congratulations, Erica! What a sport he is letting you dress him up all dapper to meet the world. He is SO SO handsome, I can’t wait to see more of him as he grows on the Blog 🙂 xo from Mich!

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