What’s Inside my Hospital Bag?

I can’t believe it’s only 2.5 weeks until my due date! I’d be lying if I said I already have my hospital bag packed, but here’s what I plan on bringing this time around…

1. Large Duffel Bag I love this bag from Target and I think it will be big enough to fit all my stuff.

2. Pretty-Pushers Delivery Gown– I hated the gown I delivered Eva in. It had a terrible, frumpy design that made me feel even grosser than I thought I looked at the time. This time, I’m ordering my own delivery gown.

3. Bose Soundlink– I brought this to my last delivery so that I could listen to my motivating playlist. from what I read, some hospitals will have a radio or something set up for you, but mine didn’t. Plus, you can’t really beat the sound quality of Bose. And it hooks up to your phone (or whatever) via Bluetooth.

4. Camera– Even if you aren’t that in to taking pictures, I really think that it’s important to have an actual camera at the hospital rather than just a phone. Lets face it, phones don’t take the best pictures. I use a Nikon D5100, but even a point-and-shoot camera would probably be better than a phone. And actually, I think I’ll bring both just in case. My point-and-shoot is the Cannon PowerShot ELPH.

5. Post-Delivery Clothes– For my last delivery I brought a long maxi-dress in addition to my sweats. It was really a waste of space, as I never even changed into it, even for the car ride home. This time, I’m only bringing my Victoria’s Secret Sweatpants, The Essential V-Neck, Comfortable Nursing Bra, a few Large Pairs of Panties that I don’t mind possibly getting stained, and Socks. The key is to bring clothes you’ll feel most comfortable in. You’ll still have a little pooch, you’ll probably be bleeding profusely, and you’ll be feeling pretty sore. Also, if you know you’ll be having a C-Section you’ll have to think about where your incision will be and bring clothes that won’t interfere with that.

6. Toiletries– Most hospitals provide basic toiletries, but they’re probably not going to be the same quality of the stuff you have at home. That’s why I like bringing my own products in reusable tubes such as these. What I’m bringing is: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, Face Wipes, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Hair Rubberbands, and a Brush. Think of the things you’d pack on a weekend trip. I think the only thing I brought last time that I didn’t end up needing was a towel. The ones the hospital offered were fine.

7. Makeup Bag– It’s amazing how much better some eyeliner, mascara, and a light coat of foundation can make you feel, especially when your face is all puffy and swollen.

8. Snacks– They’ll tell you you can’t eat during labor, but I went in without eating dinner and felt like I had no energy to push a baby out of me. Telling me I couldn’t eat was cruel. I was so glad to have a pack of gummy bears on me… I ended up sneaking them when the doctors and nurses weren’t looking. I also had snacks packed for the recovery period, which came in handy when I didn’t like what was on the hospital menu (or didn’t feel like waiting for it).

9. Baby Wipes– Most hospitals don’t recommend using baby wipes on newborns and they’ll give you a stack of dry napkins instead. As much as I’m sure there’s a good reason for that, I just couldn’t imagine wiping the sticky newborn poo with just a napkin. I used sensitive baby wipes on Eva on Day 1 and she was fine.

10. Swaddling/Receiving Blanket– Hospitals will provide blankets for you to use while you are there, but my hospital (for example) wouldn’t let you take any home with you. It’s a good idea to take one or two so you’ll have one on the way out. Plus, they’ll look cute in pictures. I love the one I picked up from Candy Kirby Designs.

11. Going Home Outfit- I know I said I wasn’t going to share Damian’s “Going Home” outfit before the big day, but how could I write this post without doing so? It’s so freakin cute! I got it from KraftsbyKizzy on Etsy. You might want to also bring another change of clothes in case there is an accident, a beanie or two, and some socks. The hospital where I delivered Eva provided onesies to use during the baby’s stay, but (again) we couldn’t take them home with us.

12. Boppy Nursing Pillow– If you really like to travel light, you can probably skip this one, but it definitely comes in handy in the recovery room. I will be bringing mine, as well as the cute cover I got for it from IvieBaby on Etsy.

What is/was in your hospital bag? What are some things you brought but didn’t need?


  1. I brought my own toiletries, but actually used the hospitals since I was only there for 24 hrs. I bought multiple pairs of underwear and of course only used 2 🙂 Good idea about the gown! The one from the hospital made me look awful! I would probably bring a robe for next time too.

  2. My birth center actually recommends snacks, so that was the first thing I packed! So far, I also have everything that you have on your list, but need to make sure my electronics are charged.

  3. I didn’t get to pack a hospital bag with my daughter. I remember stressing about it and even posting a “what to bring” questioner on my blog, but then at 36 weeks my water broke and I went into fast labor. I didn’t even have my birth plan completed! Talk about feeling completely unprepared. My husband and sister had to run home after the event and gather the items I needed for myself and my daughter. This is a great list! I wouldn’t have thought about the deliver gown. The one they put you in, in the hospital, is just ick! I will definitely pack makeup this time because I HATED how worn down, puffy and ugly I felt I looked. The snacks are also a good call! Super cute going home outfit!!

  4. Great list! Two other ideas:
    1. For anyone having a c-sections: I was advised to bring men’s boxer briefs to use as underwear because they would come up over my incision site (at the bikini line) and would still hold a pad (unlike regular boxers). I thought it was kind of insane but bought a 4 pack of Fruit of the Loom for $10 in dark colors that I could wear for however long my incision was painful and I was bleeding. Then I could just chuck them and didn’t have to worry about ruining other good underwear or buying expensive new women’s underwear.

    2. A small gift for big sister that the baby can give her when they meet at the hospital for the first time! This was a big one for me – I knew the baby would get a lot of gifts and wanted big sister to be included, so had something special from him to her. Doing the same thing this time around with custom “Biggest Sister Grace” and “Big Brother Noah” tshirts that they will receive from the baby at the hospital. THey have already made their own presents for her!

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