19/52 {baby/toddler/life updates}

Our stuff from Tanzania finally arrived!!!! We’ve been SUPER busy unpacking. It’s quite difficult to do with a toddler and newborn, so it’s going slower than it ever has been. The piles of boxes seem to never end. Oh well. It’s nice to have all our stuff (especially my Boppy).
Eva has had a fun week of helping us unpack boxes with all her old stuff! (Of course she’s more stoked about the boxes and paper than the stuff).
The folks at Red Envelope sent this cute little book and Big Sister medal to Eva:
Left: Eva on Saturday’s nature walk. / Right: Eva did this on her own.
Video of the Week:
1. Eva dancing to Sofia the First theme song.
2. Eva running around on the nature walk, asking me to take her picture.

At Damian’s two week check up he weight 8lbs 2oz and measured 20.75 inches long. He’s growing and I’m so stoked! This week we decided to introduce a breastmilk bottle so he could get used to it. We went with the Avent Naturals and he took it fine, without it seeming to have affected his latch. It was only two ounces (that’s all I could get out of my boobies), but he seemed pretty satisfied afterward. I’m going to start pumping more and trying to get my supply up to build a freezer stash. He’s still eating every two hours, though. At night he’s been giving me at least one three-hour stretch, which I’m grateful for. Other than that… he’s been getting better and being “on his own” instead of being worn in the Moby all day. He still won’t sit for very long, though. At 13 days old he lost his umbilical chord stump. And that’s pretty much all that’s new in week two with my little newborn.
Oh, I wanted to get a picture of all his hair before it falls out:
Waiting at the Doctor’s office:

My Mother’s Day gift to me was being able to pump about 4oz at a time.
(This is a huge accomplishment for me, because usually I only get 2 at the most.)
This week I also became a pro at tandem babywearing. It’s really the only way I can get anything done.


  1. Love your updates! Damian’s pic from day 9 looks so much like Eva! And beautiful photos with Dad. I missed my opportunity to take sweet newborn photos with Mia…I have no idea why I didn’t, I don’t even remember THINKING about it! Not going to make that mistake next time around. And I’m glad you mentioned your pumping amounts. I remember not being able to pump enough milk, too. About 2 ounces. And Mia was hungry all the time and would cry so much and never be satisfied, which is why I quit the boob pretty early and went to the bottle. Seeing how you got your supply to reach 4 oz is reassuring and I’m hopeful that I’ll be more successful with breastfeeding with #2. Your bebes are the cutest!

  2. I love the photo of his hair and your hubs holding him! About the pumping, you’re totally pumping enough, actually more then enough. At 2 weeks old 2 oz is plenty. Their stomach capacity is pretty tiny. Don’t stress about trying to get a huge freezer stash, they’re super hard to rotate through, and babe only needs 1-1.5 oz for every hour you are apart. You’re doing great by getting 4 oz already. And your little man is gorgeous, and looks so much like Evita.

  3. What a lovely update, I love Evita’s lovely hair. Hilarious the picture of her and her bike helmet :). Damian, oh Damian he is so adorable I want to hold the screen tight.

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