20/52 {baby/toddler/life updates}

We finally made it to the beach! This weekend we made the 2.5 hour drive to Virginia Beach… we all needed it so very badly. I’ll write more about it another day, though. 🙂
Evita continues to amaze me of what a happy little toddler she is despite having a new baby brother around. She really surprised me. I’m so proud of her. <3
Video of the Week:
1. I heard Eva jibber jabbering away in her playroom and came in and she had set up her baby doll on her table and was reading her a book. So sweet.
2. Eva still tells people she’s 13 when asked.
3. Just Eva on the slide from a different angle.

This week Damian more consistently gave me two three-hour stretches of sleep at night, which I am SO grateful for. I’m hoping those stretches continue and grow after that. The only problem with them is that after the second stretch he wakes up every hour for some morning cluster-feeding, so I really only end up getting 6-7 hours of sleep at night. Better than nothing? Other than the sleep smiles he usually gives us, there have been a couple of occasions where he appears to be laughing in his sleep. It’s pretty adorable, but I can’t wait to make him laugh in real life. He has been awake more and more during the day lately. He opens his eyes so wide and seems to be looking at everything, trying to figure out what it is. He doesn’t like to be left in one place too long. After about 10-20 minutes of being awake in one place he needs to be picked up and worn around the house or at the very least moved to a new location. I wonder where he gets that from.

I finally gave in and bought the newborn insert for the Ergo this week. I really didn’t want to have to buy ANOTHER thing for it since I already have so many carriers, but I’m glad I did. I was able to use it a lot on our trip to Virginia Beach and I even nursed from it everywhere we went. I love how it has the cover to protect from the sun and chilly breeze as well.


  1. yes! you are ready for life to start up again so much faster after the second child! During Bernadette’s month long hospital stay after birth, I really wanted to ride my bike up to see her. And I think I waited almost three months to get back in the saddle after my first child. I’ve also found that my mental capacity has returned much faster (with the ability to process the news without freaking out, read books, etc).
    You’ll be on that board so soon and I can’t wait to see pictures pretty mama!

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