Dear Evita,

Although I stopped doing your official monthly updates when you turned two, I’ve decided I still want to write a little letter to you at least once a month. Every month you grow and change and there are so many things I never want to forget.

Like when you ask us for something, you answer yourself with a confident, “Okay.” For example, you’ll say, “May I have some strawberries?” And then follow it up with an, “Okay” in a different tone as if I was the one saying it. And whenever we get in the car you ask me to play the same song, “Landing Feet First” by Bayside (you call it “Hey-O song”). You’ve reached the point where I can ask you questions and you’ll answer them perfectly. Like I’ll ask, “Eva, where did you put your cup?” and you’ll reply, “Over there on the table.” You always surprise me with how much you can say and understand.

You’ve been a big sister for two weeks now and you’re doing such a wonderful job. Whenever Damian cries you get really concerned and try your best to pat his chest or stroke his hair to comfort him. You’re always trying to help me with things like changing his diaper or clothes. You make me so proud.

You’ll finally watch a television show other than Elmo. It’s called Sofia the First and you’re obsessed. You love anything princess themed, so it’s really no surprise. Whenever you watch it you sing and twirl  around to the songs. I can’t wait to put you in ballet.

You’d still rather be outside, though. You’re always asking to go to the playground or the beach. This is the longest you’ve ever been away from the beach, which really bums me out. I’m really hoping we can take a trip there this month.

Your latest favorite food in the past month seems to be pepperoni. You don’t care for the rest of the pizza, you just like picking off the pepperoni. You still also love peanut butter, ground beef, and rice. You’ve gotten better about eating broccoli and “leaves” as you call other green veggies, but you’re still rather picky.

You love bubbles and play dough, and you’re a pro at making messes.

I love you so much my little princess.

Until next month,


  1. Hey Erica, I’ve said it a million times before I’m sure but your sweet words and love for your babies and your life make me feel so happy, and you capture such beautiful moments and gorgeous photos it makes me form really poorly constructed sentences such as this one!! Always looking forward to your next post. With love, Bee xxx

  2. My daughter loooooves Sofia the First. She calls her Fia, it’s so cute. This is a great letter and your daughter is so going to love reading these things when she is older. Happy Mother’s Day!

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