26/52 {baby/toddler/life updates}

Another crazy busy week in Texas with no time for blogging, but I HAD to get my weekly update in. :)
Here’s what we’ve been up to…

I’ve pretty much given up on dressing Eva. She throws a huge fit if I try to put shorts or pants on her lately. She has to wear dresses or skirts (but only if the skirts are frilly). Preferably pink. Once again, I’m floored as to where she gets this from. I was never like this and I never tried to push “girliness” on her. But she is her own little person, and I need to respect that. Even if it means she puts together outfits I don’t necessarily agree with. Even if she wants to wear some of MY things sometimes, like this cute little headwrap I found on GroopDealz:
Sometimes I draw the line, though, when she wants to wear nothing at all! Unless we’re at the beach, of course. :)
One of the highlights of this week was going to Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark with my best friend, Ashley. Eva absolutely adores her.

Evita also had fun visiting with family this week:
Eva and her cousin Isla.

Damian started sleeping so well this week! There was one night where he only woke up once the whole night. A few of the other nights he only woke up a second time because EVA woke him up! (She still wakes up around 6am and wants a sippy with milk before falling back asleep. Ugh.) He’s also switched up his bedtime routine all on his own. Instead of wanting to fall asleep in my arms and then me stealthily transferring him to his co-sleeper, when he is finished nursing he wants to immediately be put into his co-sleeper AWAKE where he falls asleep ON HIS OWN. Say what?!? This is a completely new thing to me, since I pretty much still have to put Eva to sleep. The last few nights Damian actually fusses if I hold him any longer than when he’s finished nursing. So strange, but I like it. He still stays awake pretty much all day, though, with the occasional nap (that usually only lasts 20 minutes or less). Other than that, Damian has spent a lot of time at the beach and in the pool this week. I’m so glad he’s a little water baby. :)
And here are some more pictures of Damian with the people he’s met so far on his trip to Texas:
Left: My little brother Diego with Damian. / Right: My mom with Damian.
Left: With my best friend, Ashley. Right: Both babies crashed out after a morning at the beach.
If you follow my blog, you’ll know that one of my best friends since the age of 13 was pregnant at the same time as me. Well, I finally got to meet her daughter Rylee, who is a little less than a month older than Damian. I was so stoked:
Here’s a picture of the two babies together:

My mom and I went to Tipsy Canvas on Saturday night. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a place where you drink lots of wine while (trying) to paint a picture, haha.
And here’s a little of what I’ve liked around the web lately:
First of all, I wrote a guest post on Darlene’s blog you should probably check out!
In other (BIG) news, the organization I’m a director of (The Hawaii Defense Foundation), recently won our lawsuit against the Honolulu Police Department for deleting Facebook comments we would post on their articles and wall. You can read more about that here. :)
Check out Tonya’s article on what she thought she’d do before she became a mom v. what she does now!
Like succulents? Check out this DIY on Lucinda’s blog.
I’ve been checking out Kim’s Boston Travel Tips since I’ll be headed there for Independence Day weekend!
I think this article in Psychology Today about the Dangers of Crying-it-out was worth a read.


  1. says

    Rylee. Thats my baby girls name. After having 3 girls we knew if we had another, which we did, it would be a unisex name. We were deciding between Ryan or Rylee. Rylee won, of course. (And yes its spelled the exact same way)

  2. says

    Damian’s eyes are just beautiful :) Loved hearing about your daughter…maybe I should start expecting this soon with Marli?!? I never knew toddlers could be so picky about their clothes, but it’s definitely a part of their personality. Great to hear about you guys winning that lawsuit!

  3. says

    Oh, I am jealous of Damian’s night time sleeping! Hope he keeps it up. :-)
    Going to read the CIO article now. My son is almost 14 months and still sleeps more of the night in bed with us than he does in his crib (or Pack N Play)… Ugh. Our pediatrician said he can sleep all night if we just make it happen but I can’t find any direction on how TO make it happen. besides CIO so… hoping to find something else!!

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