“Mommy, Sit Down!”

So lately I’ve found myself making excuses for not blogging. 
I’m traveling. My mom is in town. It’s summer. 
I kept thinking I’d have more time.
Well today I realized, I don’t. 
Here’s how my day goes:
1. I wake up and run.
2. I make sure everyone is fed.
3. I go to the gym to lift.
4. Eva falls asleep on the ride home.
5. Upon arriving at home, I stealthily transfer Eva to the bed, shower, and try to get Damian down.
6. Damian is anti-nap and awake as can be.
7. Right when Eva wakes up, Damian finally decides he is ready for a nap (which only lasts about 30 seconds).
8. What? I only have two hours to cook and clean before my husband gets home?
So basically there is no quiet time for me during the day anymore.
I used to have two hours a day to blog while Eva napped.
Now I have none, except for on the rare occasion when both of them sleep at the same time.
When I do sit down to blog, I usually only have one hand to type with (like right now), because Damian wants to be on my lap.
Plus, I have to get up every 3-5 minutes like a jack-in-the-box and I rarely have time to finish a thought.
Both my babies need lots of attention these days.
Eva wants me to read her books or play tracing games.
I can hear her little voice demanding, “Mommy, Sit Down!”
Damian cannot be lying down in one spot while he’s awake.
He has to be upright, looking around.
And I still have a house to clean.
And dinner to make.
And laundry to put away.
And kids to bathe.
But that’s okay.
I read this post on Sometimes Sweet the other day that reminded me that this is the only time I have with my babies.
It’s definitely something I think about a lot, but to hear it from an older person (the elderly woman in her story) makes it so much more powerful.
This, right now, is such a beautiful time.
It’s a challenging time.
It’s an exhausting time.
But it’s beautiful.
And maybe all stages of life are like this, but this one is just so short.
And so meaningful.
And I’m so grateful to my husband for supporting us through it.
Before I know it, both kiddos will be in school.
My house will be quiet and empty all day long.
I’ll miss the chaos of my babies being babies.
But it will be long behind me, never to be revisited, even for just a day.
I look forward to having more blogging time eventually.
Soon, Eva and Damian will be able to entertain each other (I hope).
But if all I can get out is one or two poorly written posts a week, I’m not going to stress.
If I can only ever write anything significant once in a blue moon, so be it.
Because I’m probably making memories.
Or cleaning up explosive diarrhea.
Either way…


  1. I used to be so obsessed with preserving moments (taking pictures, blogging, etc.) because I knew how quickly they were going to pass by and fade from my memory – I wanted to make sure I “documented” every single one of them. But I was so worried about that, I didn’t take enough time to participate IN those moments while they were happening. I’ve learned to leave my camera at home sometimes, to be happy with the crappy quality camera phone snapshots, and also how to incorporate the camera into playtime with the kids (because really, it’s the little, “everyday” moments that I want to capture and preserve the most). I feel like I’ve finally found a sweet spot, a perfect balance between capturing life and being a part of it. The thing that helped me the most was becoming more efficient in my blogging technique – I can now edit photos and type up a post in 15-20 minutes (where it used to take me many hours for one little post).

  2. Funny, I was actually thinking to myself the other day that I’ve noticed your posts have been dwindling down. I immediately thought, “well duh, she just had another kid. things must be pretty busy.” Your day sounds pretty packed now with 2. I used to think about how much I miss my free time before I had Mia. Now that she’s here, I’ve adjusted and probably have more free time than I think…until the 2nd one comes. You never really appreciate what you had (the free time, for example) until you don’t have it anymore. I can only imagine how on-the-go life must be when a family keeps growing. But it sounds like you’re doing what you’ve gotta do for you and your family and I think accepting that the blog won’t get as much action as it used to is better than trying to juggle it ALL. -Misty

  3. I can really relate! It’s beautiful how you are embracing this time though! LJ was also anti-nap and at 3 years old and 18 months they both fight a nap and are often asleep by the time I get home from work πŸ™ But these times only last a blink of an eye really and before you know it, they’ll be in new phases! Work on being you, being happy, and making time for yourself when you can. The rest will fall into place and your readers will still be here when you’re ready to write! πŸ˜‰

  4. I only have Em, who is starting Pre-K this year, and life is super busy. School, work, and to add to it she’s been asking to take gymnastics or karate so I’m sure we’ll be adding that to our schedule as well soon. I can only imagine that it’s probably double that for you though. And you know what? Life gets busy, and priorities get moved around. As much as we’d all like to have enough hours in the day to get everything done, it just doesn’t always happen. And that’s perfectly okay. πŸ™‚

    Enjoy those babies. Enjoy your life. We only get that time with each of them once. Before we know it, they’ll be teenagers, and then soon after they’ll be living life on their own. We’ll all still be here regardless of how often or not you post!

  5. I totally feel you, and I have to agree that you should enjoy this time. Now that my girls are 9 and 12 I’ve learned that what everyone says is true…time REALLY DOES FLY on by. Because I know this as a fact now, I am really soaking in my time with Apollo with a sense of presence that I didn’t have with my girls. Enjoy, mama!

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