Nursing Pillow Comparisons: Boppy, Gia, and Milk Maid

When Damian was born our stuff hadn’t yet arrived from Tanzania. Along with our shipment was my Boppy, the only nursing pillow I had at the time. Those first few weeks of nursing were so rough… I couldn’t wait for its arrival. When it finally arrived nursing became so much easier for me. I finally felt like I could get comfortable and it was great to have the extra hands. Now, I seriously don’t know what I would do without one. Luckily, I have three, and I’d love to tell you all about them.
I’m going to start out with the Boppy since it seems to be the most popular one.
The Boppy is c-shaped and symmetrical in both width and height.
The Boppy is my traveling pillow.
It is lightweight and my smallest nursing pillow. It’s been on every road trip and plane ride with me since giving birth.
It doubles as support for tummy time and sitting as the baby grows.
I do have some complaints about it, though:
Because it’s relatively thin, I feel like I have to hunch over a bit when I’m nursing. If I were to sit up straight my breasts would not be close enough to my baby’s mouth. I usually fix this by resting my feet on something (like the coffee table) so that my thigh raises. This also creates an incline, which otherwise the Boppy does not have. Doctors recommended that babies nurse at an incline to prevent acid reflux. 
Another con is that my Boppy seems to have flattened over time.
Still, I take it everywhere I go.
Another nursing pillow I have is the Dr. Browns nursing pillow.
The Gia is c-shaped and round like the Boppy but it has a thick-to-thin design and an incline.
This is my “cuddling” pillow.
When I first got it, Damian was still pretty small and it didn’t seem to work for us.
It kept feeling like Damian was sliding off it.
I gave it another chance when Damian was a little over two months old and I liked it a lot better.
I love how it is at an appropriate height for my boobs, and it has that angle good for nursing.
I use this pillow more for cuddling than nursing, though. When I’m sitting on the couch watching television and I can tell that Damian is ready for a nap, I’ll put him on the pillow and he looks up at me and talks for a bit before drifting off to sleep.
My favorite pillow for nursing is the Milk Maid Nursing Pillow by WhisperBaby.
This pillow has more of a square shape, and also has an incline.
The Milk Maid is my go-to nursing pillow. It always stays on my couch.
It’s the perfect height and angle so that I can sit back and relax instead of hunching over. It is very sturdy and it doesn’t ever feel like Damian is sliding down. It also stays close against my body without that feeling of sliding away from me. It has a firm core surrounded by memory foam so it hasn’t flattened out at all yet. Another cool thing about the Milk Maid is that it was designed by an everyday mama in search of the perfect nursing pillow. I love supporting small businesses so this is a huge plus to me. The only con is that the nursing pillow is quite large so I don’t think it would be convenient to take on an airplane or other outings. It’s worth having it for around the house, though.

Do you have a favorite nursing pillow? Tell me about it in the comments! 🙂


  1. great review. i am hesitant on buying nursing pillows as i have nursed 3 kids without one. my daughter is 3 months. do you suggest that i get one. i plan to nurse for at least one year. i was thinking of getting the mombo nursing pillow but the milkmaid looks so great in your picture.

    • I really love to nurse “hands free” so I love, love, love my pillows. Especially when my son was a newborn, he would nurse around the clock and my arms would get so tired from holding him. But if that’s not a big deal for you then you can probably do without!

  2. Such a cool review! I used the Bobby with my boys but honestly I ended up using it mostly to set them on on the floor or bed. I did use it some for nursing but I didn’t feel like it set the baby high enough for me – maybe because I’m tall? In the future I might try to find a thicker / fluffier nursing pillow!

  3. Thank you for posting pictures! Since I’ve never had a baby, I’ve never seen one in action. I really had no idea how to use the Boppy (or any other nursing pillow) until this post. I’m definitely saving this for future reference.

  4. Great reviews! I’ll have to add the Milk Maid Nursing Pillow to my wishlist. I can’t seem to find it to add to my Target or Babies R Us registries, so looks like it has to be gotten from the actual website.

    Julie @

  5. I nursed my twins with the boppy, but it really hurt my back. I switched the the “brest friend” when they were 6 months and it was amazing! It offered a ton of back support. Baby #3 is due in November and I am excited to start right away with a great nursing pillow. Damian is such a cute baby!!

  6. I’m a huge Boppy fan. Used mine for more than a year with both of my children. TIP: They do flatten over time, but you can throw them into the wash, and then toss them into the dryer with a tennis ball and they fluff right back up. So awesome.

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