36/52 {baby/toddler/life updates}

Everywhere we go, Eva finds a flower to pick.

Damian finally got to see his pediatrician on Tuesday (we had been in and out of the emergency room/urgent care for the past few weeks since she never had any appointments available). She said his lungs sound clear and no more pneumonia, thank goodness! He still has a slight, lingering cough and a few boogers here and there but for the most part he seems better. One thing that surprised me through his illness is how active he stayed. He’s sitting up and rolling over more and more, and he is the happiest when he has a toy in his hand. His demeanor throughout the past few weeks is what reassured me he would be okay. My only complaint is his frequent night wakings, which is understandable. At least he has been going three-hour stretches the past few nights instead of two. I’m starting to feel not as exhausted.

Tandem Babywearing


  1. I totally have to agree… You totally inspire me to wear my babies (I can’t stop talking to my husband about it). We’re expecting our second daughter in January (our babies will be 16 months a part in age). Do you have any recommendations for which wraps are most versatile/comfortable/well-made?

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