Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Yesterday morning I was thinking about what to do with Eva on her day off from pre-school. Since she is obsessed with flowers, the idea popped in my head that I should take her to a Botanical Garden. I quickly Googled it and saw that the closest ones were an hour in either direction-in either DC or Richmond. I clicked on the website for the Richmond one, since it was the one I hadn’t been to yet, and I immediately saw an advertisement for the butterfly garden. I  didn’t need to read any further. I closed the app, loaded up the kids in the car seats and took off. I didn’t know anything else about the gardens, so I was surprised when I arrived and saw how huge it is. There are endless paths and trails that leave you lost in rose gardens and wildflowers and, my personal favorite, orchids…
There is a huge, amazing Children’s Garden with various mini houses and the farm plants that would typically accompany those types of houses. There is a reading/learning area and a big treehouse. There’s also a sand area and splash pad. I had no idea that it would be there, so I didn’t bring Eva a swimsuit. Still, I did what any other good mama would do and let her play in her clothes. If I was in any other country I would have let her go naked, but people seem to be weird about that in the United States.
Finally we made it to what we had been waiting for… the butterfly garden. Eva loved looking at the butterflies, but she got a little nervous whenever they landed on her. She didn’t want to leave, though. Hours after we left, when we were back at home, she’d ask, “Can we go to the butterfly garden, mama?”
Because I wasn’t prepared for how big this place was, I didn’t bring sunscreen and other necessities so I didn’t want to stay too long. We didn’t even get to see the whole place. I guess that’s a reason to go back, though! 🙂


  1. Lewis Ginter is great! Maymont is also in Richmond. Huge former estate now park with Childrens Barn, Italtian gargens and Japanese gardens, nature center ($5) with lots of fish and two cute otters to watch swim around. There are bears, goats, birds and a historic mansion to tour too!

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