Letters to Eva, v. 32

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Dear Eva,

I always feel like I have a million things to write in these letters but the moment I sit down my mind goes blank. Almost everyday I’m experience moments where I’m like, “Quick! I need to write this down before I forget.” But then I tell myself I need to just chill and be completely present. I tell myself I will remember. But most of the time? I don’t. Sure, it will come to me a week or a month or a year later. But when I’m actively trying to conjure it up and document it in this blog I’ve kept for you, I never do. There are just too many things. Things you say, things you do, things that I never want to forget. You’re just so full of personality- bursting with all the gloriousness of being two. You enjoy all the simple aspects of life. If there is one lonely puddle in an extra large parking lot, you will find it. You will jump and smile and squeal until your purple sparkle shoes are saturated with gross stagnant water. And then you’ll take those shoes off and run around barefoot, even if it’s only 60 degrees outside. You always want to be outside- never indoors. If it’s too late in the morning and we’re still at home, you come to me and say with a very serious and concerned face, “No more Eva’s house.” You get cabin fever, just like I do. That’s why I’m so happy we’ll be moving back to Sunny South Padre soon. I know you will be okay with the move. You always are with the crazy changes we put you through. You have an adventurous spirit, and you move right along with us wherever we go without a bat of an eyelash. You were meant to be my little girl. And I was meant to be your mommy. Thank you for being mine.



  1. sounds like some big changes are coming up. i’m super behind on my blog reading, and i don’t know if you’ve already written about this or not, but i’d be really interested to hear more! it probably will be a tough adjustment for wee Eva with her dad gone, right? but i bet having your parents around (and the beach!) will really make things easier for her. and if you’re happier, she’ll sense that too, i bet.

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