Best Baby Buys: 3-6 Months

Congratulations! You are out of the “fourth trimester.” Around three months, babies start to look and act more like babies, and less like little squishy blobs. Instead of eating and pooping all day long, babies add “play” to their repertoire. Their little minds begin to absorb everything around them as they work on developing sensory and motor skills. Here are the products we loved between three and six months:

Best Buys for Baby Ages 3-6 Months

1. Samsung Video Baby Monitor– I never owned a baby monitor with my first child. She always napped somewhere near and I didn’t really have a use for it. When baby number two came along, there was no way I could keep him nearby for naps. One of his big sister’s favorite activities was to wake him up. So I bought this Samsung Video Baby Monitor and I was really happy with it. In fact, I’m using it as we speak. I love how I can keep an eye on my baby from rooms away. With all the noises around my house all day, I don’t think I would feel comfortable enough with a traditional audio-only baby monitor. Not only that, but my baby doesn’t make noises as soon as he wakes up. The video monitor is perfect. And I’ve always loved Samsung products.

2. Soft Teether Books– I really love these books because they serve multiple purposes. You can introduce books to your baby at an early age, and your baby can do all he really wants to do with the book- put it in his mouth. Damian especially loves the ones that make crinkling noises.

3. OBall Rattle– This is a great toy for tiny babies who are still learning how to grasp. The holes in the ball make it easy for babies to get their fingers around it. Damian loved shaking his and putting it in his mouth.

4. Ergo 360– This is the carrier I WISH I had. I have the traditional Ergo carrier, but what’s different about this one is that you can face baby forward in it. Most carriers that are made for forward facing babies aren’t designed to support their legs and hips properly, and can lead to long-term damage. The Ergo 360 is a game changer, and is designed like a saddle so that the baby can “sit” in the carrier rather than dangle from it. Damian loved facing forward in the ergonomically cheapy carrier I had, but I only tried it a couple of times before I realized how horrible it was. Now I mostly wear him on my back (which you can do with the Ergo 360 as well). If you are new to the babywearing world, I would advise purchasing a carrier that allows you to wear your baby on your back well in to toddlerhood, such as the Ergo. Wearing on your back is so much easier when you’re trying to get chores done or chase an older toddler around.

5. Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers– If you haven’t tried cloth diapering yet, now’s the time! By 3 months your baby is able to sport one-size cloth diapers without them being extremely bulky. You can read my post about why cloth diapering rocks here, and read about why I love Charlie Banana cloth diapers in particular here. To sum it up, they are better for the environment and your wallet!

6. Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit-If your baby is outgrowing the swaddle but can’t stay asleep without one, try this Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. It puts a little extra weight on the baby to stop those twitching movements that cause them to wake from their slumber.

7. Baby Bath– Bath time becomes so much fun around this age because babies start to splash in the water and play with bath toys. I had this style Fisher Price Bath Tub for Eva and I loved it. I used it for her from the newborn stage all the way to the toddler stage when we didn’t have a bath in Tanzania. When Damian arrived, I purchased a different style, the Fisher Price whale tub, and I wasn’t as happy with it.

8. Baby Einstein Tummy Time Pillow– Both my kids hated tummy time. I bought this pillow for Damian and his attitude about it quickly changed. He loved being propped up, and loved playing with the little toys attached to it. The crab that makes noises on it can get a bit annoying, and eventually we took it off, but I was still overall really happy with this pillow.

9. Activity Cube– I have the V-Tech Alphabet Activity Cube, which I really like and Eva still uses, but when I was searching for it to share on here I ran into the EverEarth Garden Activity Table and thought it looked cooler. When Damian was learning to sit up on his own, I would put the boppy behind him and let him balance himself on the activity cube while playing with it. I really think it helped him develop his core strength to sit up on his own.

10. Baby Einstein Baby Gym– Every baby needs a baby gym! I bought the old school version of this exact baby gym for Eva and kept the same one for Damian.

Things I didn’t Use:
1) Baby Swing
2) Exesaucer/Walker
3) Play Pen

Basically for all the same reasons. Damian did not like being confined. It made life a lot less convenient, but it helped him start sitting and crawling so early. There are lots of articles out there about how things like that could delay development if over used.

What were your favorite baby products for 3-6 months?


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