New Year Resolution

I’ve never really believed in New Year’s Resolutions. I’m the type of person that thinks you should make a resolution every single day when you wake up, not once a year so that your commitment lasts until mid-January. Well, this year I’ve decided to participate in this great tradition. Am I too late? Well, here it goes anyway…

My first ever (that I can recall) New Year’s resolution is to take my kids on a nature walk everyday in 2015.

This may sound impossible to some (heck, I’ve already missed the first three days), but hear me out. Yes, I know some days we’ll all be sick and confined to the house. Some days it will be too cold or too rainy. Maybe we’ll even get a hurricane or two this year. But if I miss a day or even a week, I’m not going to consider my resolution a failure. Because that’s not what New Year’s Resolutions are about. They’re about the big picture, not the OCD check-in-the-box details. They’re about making a change, so that when the end-of-the year reflections and introspection time comes around, you can be proud of what you accomplished, even if there were bumps along the way. If I miss a day, I’ll pick right back up as soon as I am able. I’ll continuously remind myself of why I am doing this.

Getting my kids out into nature is so, so, so important to me, especially in this day and age of tv screens, computer screens, phone screens, screens, screens, screens. I don’t think technology is a bad thing, and I don’t try to keep my kids away from it, but I think they need a healthy balance. They need to be able to explore the world around them up-close and personal. They need to see and feel and smell. They need to develop an appreciation for this Earth that can only come from experiencing it.

On each nature walk, I’ll take at least one photograph to commemorate our outing. At the end of the year, I should have a nice little set of photos that I can print into a coffee table book. I’ll be able to work on my photography skills while teaching my kids about the world. Double win. Oh and the extra exercise? Triple win. To top it off, nature walks are just plain fun.

If I experience a hurdle, such as bad weather or illness, I’ll try to get creative. I will take my kids to an aquarium or simply take them on a scenic drive. But if I can’t think of anything, I won’t stress. I’ll just try again the next day.

Anyone care to join me? I found this article with a bunch of great ideas to turn any walk into a nature walk.

Do you make New Years Resolutions? If so, what did you decide to do (or not do) this year?


  1. I think any outdoor time is really important for adults and kids alike. I don’t do it here so much because of the heat (it makes the baby miserable – I can’t wait for it to cool down) but during our time in the UK I made sure to get out for a walk every day, even if it was just 30 mins. It always made my day.

  2. I wish walking wasn’t so uncomfortable for me at the moment! Maybe once Bub arrives- I miss my daily beach walks. I love the idea of taking a photo each day and collating them at the end of the year.

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